Here’s All We Know About Aerie’s New Sub-Brand “Offline”


Aerie — the intimate apparel brand sub-owned by American Eagle Outfitters — has just made an announcement. Today, they posted on their Instagram account that they are releasing “Offline,” an activewear line inspired by the previous Chill. Play. Move. campaign. The new sub-brand, “Offline,” now has a collection that includes more than 250 pieces of leggings, sports bras, shorts, and accessories. It’s available for purchase on the website now. What’s more, this is the first time that American Eagle is launching an outerwear line.

Here is a video about some outfits in the collection:

The decision may not come as a surprise for some as Aerie has always been a diverse and body-positive brand. After launching its #AerieREAL Role Model campaign in 2014, Aerie has committed to an ongoing movement of cultural awareness, LGBTQ diversity, and disability inclusion. Representation of different populations continues to be the goal for Aerie to this day.

Although retail companies suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, American Eagle still continues to propel the market in creative ways.

After losing $257 million of profits during the shutdown, the retailer quickly got back on its feet to launch “Unsubscribed” and “Offline” within a month’s time. “Unsubscribed” has already launched a brick-and-mortar store in New York, while “Offline” will open two new locations by the end of the year.

Unlike “Unsubscribed,” the recently released sub-brand focuses more on athleisure apparel. The reason for this choice among the company is a result of changes in lifestyle and fashion trends. Since people are staying at home most of the time, many are purchasing comfortable, chic clothing to wear for exercising and working. As a result, the demand for athleisure and comfort wear continues to remain high.

Furthermore, maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle isn’t just a trend anymore. In fact, the global brand president of Aerie, Jennifer Foyle, even stated that the intention behind “Offline” is to embrace the new norm of fitness.

The strategic tactics behind Aerie’s new sub-brand align with the current demands of the market. Moreover, the floral-printed and spring-like colored clothing really matches the vibe that we need immediately. Along with a partnership with Hilary Duff, “Offline” is off to a great start and will definitely be one of the brands that will thrive after the pandemic.

If you agree with Aerie’s mission about embracing and living a healthy lifestyle, remember that #goingOFFLINE may be the answer!

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