The Truth Is, You Make Me Weak For Your Love

We’ve all experienced the pain of falling for someone we can’t have, but with the current state of the world, we can now experience the unexpected pain of falling for someone we can’t have yet. This poem is inspired by the physical and emotional anguish of knowing that you have to wait to spend quality time with someone you’re beginning to love and how you’re prone to feeling weak when those emotions arise.

Everything hurts

I writhe in pain 

As I sink 


And further 

Into the promise of you. 

A promise unfulfilled 

By time and distance alone.

I feel weak

As my body quakes

And my knees buckle



And further

To your absence 

The unfulfilled promise of you.

You strengthen me

Filling my softness

With your calloused resolve

The ashy remains

Of your painful past.

Why, then, do you make me weak?




With abandon

Into your arms. 

Listening to me 


Onto every word

The unfulfilled promise of you

In a wild world 

That tears us apart. 

Seeing me throb

Heart over head

Hearing me cry 

As I fall

Head over heels

For you.

I live in the pain

Of questions unanswered

Words unspoken 

Fantasies unfulfilled 

By the promise of you. 

Wondering why I ache 

Why I writhe

Why I heave and sob

Day after day.

As you share your hardened past

And I discover the strength 

To move forward 

One step at a time. 

But as you complicate my every thought 

I lie in my weakness 

Bewildered and prone

With one single answer.

Maybe you make me weak.

Maybe the thought of you

Is too much 

For my fragile heart

My tender body 

To bear. 

Maybe you make me

Fall to my knees




And break 

As I long for you

To return to me. 

Maybe you disturb my peace

Even as you restore it

Making me feel again

In a life numbed by pain.

Maybe it is only you

Who can make me 

Feel this way

This burning





This way that softens me 

Melting my heart 

Tying me to you forever 

In this wild world

Of unanswered questions 

And unfulfilled promises.

As I sink

Further and further

Into the 

Unfulfilled promise of you 

I face the truth.

I fell for you

Letting you soften me

In this wild world

Full of unfulfilled promises.

Maybe you make me weak.

Although we may feel that our current circumstances bring us into a world of “unfulfilled promises,” it’s important to remember that if our partners truly care about us, they’ll be waiting for us when this unique time ends. We may feel weak for caring about our significant others so deeply and not being able to see them, but the challenges of COVID-19 can make our relationships stronger than we ever thought possible.

Featured Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash.


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