Why Trendy Face Masks Could Be The Future Of The Fashion Industry

Ever since this pandemic disrupted our way of life, we’ve put non-medical face masks in high demand.

In recent months, governments around the world recommended that everyone wear face masks when social distancing isn’t possible. Experts insist that these masks protect others from the virus’ aggressive transmission and lessen our chances of infection. Public officials still encourage thorough hygiene practices and physical distancing. But wearing a face mask out in public has definitely become the new normal.

Since the CDC revised guidelines on face masks in April, handmade accessory sites like Etsy have experienced massive sales increases.

In fact, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman confirmed that at least 20,000 Etsy shops now offer non-medical masks. These masks, which typically start at around $7 each, range from simple, solid colours to fun, stylized prints. 

According to Vogue, many high-end retailers also currently offer face masks.

For example, North American brand Love Shack Fancy sells pastel-coloured and floral print masks for just $15. On the other end of the spectrum, sustainable brand Araks sells fully adjustable, washable masks for upwards of $40. 

Canadian fashion designers like Hayley Elsaesser, Katrin Leblond, and Lennard Taylor recently shared that stylish face masks can help make the pandemic more bearable and distract us from the despair of it all. After all, stylish cloth masks provide us all with a form of self-expression at a time when many of us feel disconnected from the rest of the world. Taylor adds that these masks serve as our “new way of smiling,” and that stylish, non-medical masks help cheer us up during this troubling time.

With fashion publications like GQ, Vogue, and InStyle embracing non-medical masks as a socially acceptable fashion accessory, it’s no secret that major brands may soon offer numerous lines of trendy face masks for the public to enjoy. 

Do you think non-medical face masks will take over the runway as the future of the fashion industry? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Featured Photo via Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


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