To Wear Or Not To Wear A Mask, That Is The Question

wear a mask

With some states reopening in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is recommended by the CDC that everyone should wear a mask when out in public. It’s a very good and beneficial way to contain the spread of the virus and protect everyone while we’re all navigating the new normal.

Now, some people, including our President, do not want to wear masks because he views it as a sign of weakness.  This is even more surprising when it comes to our President since two White House officials have tested positive for COVID-19. What’s more shocking is , there are already many fights erupting as a result of some people not wearing masks. These are truly scary times to live in.

As someone who is disabled and has a history of asthma, I am in the high-risk category of people very vulnerable to catching this virus. So, I believe that it’s important for everyone to wear a mask.

Think about it: If your loved one was in a high-risk category, you would do anything to protect them from this virus, right? And that includes wearing a mask. Like it or not, even if it’s not fashionable or might even be uncomfortable, a mask is meant to protect us and others. You don’t have to wear it at home – just when you go out in public. It’s just like The Rolling Stones’ song says, “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need.” And as of right now, this is what we all need.

Unfortunately, I think wearing a mask and practicing social distancing will be around for a while until a vaccine or effective treatment is developed. Considering everything that’s required to ensure that the vaccine works, it takes over a year to create it. So until then, we must follow the experts’ guidelines. Yes, it sucks. Trust me, I know. However, we must continue to do our part to flatten the curve and stop the spread of this virus. The only thing we can do right now is to adjust and adapt to this new reality. 

Sadly, but luckily for us as a society, we have adapted to big changes before. Whether it was the bailout in 08 or the aftermath of 9/11, we did what we needed to do.

We adjusted and adapted. Did we like it? No. But guess what? We still did it and prevailed. We did it because it was necessary and part of our new normal. And like it or not, this is the same situation. We need to wear masks and practice social distancing, if not for ourselves then for others. Think about the ones affected the most and do it for them. Remember that you might be carrying the virus without even knowing it – and wearing a mask prevents the spread and saves lives…

If you do not take these health measures seriously, this virus could very well infect you or someone you love. COVID-19 does not give a crap about age, gender, political views, race, or wealth – it attacks everyone. I will say this to those wearing a mask in public: Thank you for protecting those of us in the high-risk category as well as the rest of society. I appreciate you.

To those of you not wanting to wear a mask, JFK said it best: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” We are all in this together and we have to do what’s best for everyone. I am sick and tired of seeing the death toll rise every day – aren’t you? In the end, don’t you want to be part of the solution and not the problem? The choice is yours. So make sure you make the right one.

Photo by Julian Wan on Unsplash.


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