35 Random Tips That Will Improve Your Sex Life

When it comes to having sex, things can get a tad repetitive and quite frankly… boring. Sure, you can make lengthy suggestions in hopes that they will improve your sex life. However, sometimes these can get a little too intimidating for some couples and their needs. Personally, I find detailed, prescribed fantasies useless. Instead, I like short, simple, and easy tips to get the point across. Such suggestions can help make small improvements – even when there’s no real issue at hand.

Here are 35 random tips to help your sex life

  1. Try to avoid having sex in the same place two times in a row.
  2. Make foreplay last at least ten minutes longer than you usually do.
  3. Use sexting as a form of foreplay from time to time to help build anticipation. This is especially helpful if you haven’t seen each other for a while.
  4. Change the lighting every once in a while.
  5. Have your partner order you lingerie or a sex toy online and use it together/wear it when it arrives.
  6. Have sex with your clothes on every once in a while.
  7. For some people, lube is a necessity, not an option. Always have it on hand in case.
  8. Don’t always have drunk sex, you probably won’t have an orgasm. 
  9. Take your time kissing. Don’t rush it.
  10. Use pillows to prop up your waist, bum, or chest to create slightly new, and easy positions.
  11. Stimulate your own body if your partner doesn’t do it for you during sex.
  12. Use ice cubes during oral sex to enhance their pleasure. 
  13. Change positions frequently.
  14. Decide the positions for once, not your partner.
  15. Wear something new and sexy to bed to surprise your partner, especially if you know they like a certain style of pj’s or lingerie. 
  16. Watch porn together. 
  17. Have period sex towards the end of your cycle. It’s not that bad and feels a lot better at times.
  18. Go lingerie and/or sex toy shopping together.
  19. Have sex in front of a mirror to watch yourself. 
  20. Have sex using not so common sex positions.
  21. Change your condom if you’re switching from vaginal to anal sex and vice versa – it’s a great way to help avoid germs.
  22. Share your fantasies and kinks openly and discuss the potential of actually doing them together.
  23. Have sex at different times of the day.
  24. Have sex outside of the house.
  25. Tell your partner how they’re sexy to you while you initiate sex.
  26. Have themed roleplay around holidays. It can be super fun and playful while being super memorable.
  27. Watch each other masturbate for foreplay and see who caves and makes a move on the other first.
  28. Create a sexy music playlist.
  29. Experiment with toys while you have sex if you’re comfortable. 
  30. Watch a YouTube tutorial and give your partner a lap dance/striptease as foreplay.
  31. Use mood lighting whether it’s from candles, a light dimmer, or a Himalayan salt lamp. 
  32. Teach your partner how to make you orgasm the way you do when they aren’t there.
  33. Initiate sex more often. Make the first move.
  34. Enjoy cuddling naked after sex and live in the moment. 
  35. Don’t do anything without consent.

Some of these tips may seem pretty obvious. However, even the most straightforward solutions are hard to remember when you’re in a funk or desperate for a solution. All of these suggestions can be done so subtly that your partner might not even notice that you’re seeking some change between the sheets. So get started right away and get your freak on!

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