5 Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Watching Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’

Outer Banks has quickly become our latest Netflix obsession. The teen drama, which is like Goonies mixed with The O.C., is sure to hook you. And of course, leave it to Netflix to release such an addictive series during a pandemic.

Outer Banks follows main character John B. and his three friends as they hunt for answers about John’s missing dad. The four friends face many challenges on their search, and the Kooks, who live on the North side of the Outer Banks, sure don’t make the journey easy. 

Outer Banks teaches us many life lessons, such as:

1. Never turn down an adventure. 

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Life is too short not to do what you want, so go on that trip you’ve wanted to take or do that one thing you’ve always wanted to try. 

2. Friends can feel like family. 

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Cherish your friendships, especially now, when we need to distance ourselves from our friends and family. But if you catch feelings for one of your friends, keep them in the friend zone. Life gets messy as romance builds in the Outer Banks, and it gets messy in real life, too. 

3. Never mix vodka with Crystal Light. 

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Many of us have probably already learned this, but this show will remind you why vodka and Crystal Light is a terrible combo. 

4. Communication is extremely important. 

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You’ve read this piece of advice in every relationship column, but this group of friends really learns to break down their walls and talk about their struggles. We should follow their lead and start talking about the hard things, too.

5. Learn your directions. 

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I myself have always struggled with my sense of direction. Most people know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but other than that, many of us have no idea how to figure out where we are. This group of teens is always on the go, so knowing where they’re going really helps. The same goes for us when we’re hunting down masks and toilet paper in quarantine.

While these life lessons mean a lot, Outer Banks also provides high-quality entertainment. As soon as you start the series, you won’t be able to stop watching. By the time you finish the series, you’ll wish that you were out on the water throwing peace signs like the Outer Banks crew.
So grab your favorite snacks, and start binge watching Outer Banks right away. What else do you have to do during a global pandemic anyway?

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