10 UnBOOlievably Fun Ways To Spend Your Halloween Night

It’s that spooky time of the year again: Halloween! We’re giving old clothes new life by making clever costumes, putting all the candy corn in our shopping baskets, and buying up every pumpkin until stores run out. And, as is the case with every other major holiday, living it up with themed parties. It’s practically unheard of not to attend one such party.

But, this year, if you’re looking for an alternative to getting wasted and having your cat whiskers run down your face, then peruse this list of tried-and-true Halloween activities!

1. Make A Last-Minute Costume From Stuff Lying Around Your House

Halloween costumes don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to be clever or funny. Just take a look at what you already have around you, and the possibilities will surprise you. If you’re still feeling a bit uninspired, though, just do a quick Google search.  You will surely find at least one idea that suits your needs and resources!

2. Movie Night At Home

Halloween night is the perfect time to get cozy on the couch and watch some spooky movies.  What better way to enjoy such a night than by getting your ‘ghoulfriends’ to come over? So, go all out and turn your living room into the best home cinema out there. It’ll be a horrifically delightful night to remember.

3. Horror Movie Marathon At The Cemetery

On the other hand, it is also worth having a look at the Halloween-themed events happening in your neighborhood. Chances are, there will be at least one horror movie marathon held in a creepy, dark cemetery. Heading to the cemetery may sound frightening at first, but you’ll most likely end up laughing with your mates over the sheer ridiculousness of some of those on-screen murders!

4. Spooky Stories Under The Covers

Do you remember how fun it used to be to get under your bed covers with a flashlight and scare your friends with scary stories? You may have grown up, but that doesn’t mean this childhood pleasure cannot be entertaining anymore. Even better, you can adapt the scary stories to your current most hair-raising thoughts, like student loans or — horrors — the wifi going down.

5. Eat, Drink & Be Scary

You can celebrate Halloween, like any other holiday, with countless themed foods and drinks. Just head to Pinterest, and you’ll discover all kinds of recipes, from Witch Brooms to Vampire Cocktails. And, speaking of Halloween cocktails, it’s definitely a good idea to search for some drinking games you can play while you watch those horror movies with your besties.

6. Trick Or Treat Yo’ Self

Is it even Halloween if you don’t have at least some spider webs or a few bats on your nails? The perfect, spooky nail look is the final touch that will go flawlessly with your impeccably thoughtful costume and makeup. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a cute mani, and maybe even a pedicure like this.

7. Visit A Specialty Store For Witchcraft Books And Supplies

Surely there is at least one witchcraft specialty store near your home. You’ve probably spent time browsing their stuff but never had the right excuse to actually buy anything. Well, Halloween is the best time to fulfill all your witchy dreams. So, allow yourself to get lost in Witchcraft literature, and splurge on some tarot cards or crystals.  

8. Dare To Hold A Séance

Put that specialty store visit to good use, and get in touch with some wandering spirits. Just as a caution, maybe don’t perform a séance alone. We don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s never a good idea to summon the spirit world by yourself.

9. Carve Jack-o’-Lanterns And Roast The Pumpkin Seeds

Jack-o’-Lanterns are easily the best part of Halloween. The process of carving a pumpkin is so much fun, and you can use the leftovers to bake pumpkin goodies. You can even roast the seeds and add them to your morning snack as a healthy treat. And, when your Jack-o’- Lantern is smiling back at you, the smell of the carved pumpkin is just so good. But, if carving is not your strong suit, you can still decorate your pumpkins with paint or glitter.

10. Visit The Haunted House In Your Neighbourhood

Every town has its ghost stories, and every neighborhood has that one house that everybody believes is haunted. Search for ghost hunting tours or even spooky group hikes through the woods — you’re sure to have an adventure!

Halloween is the night when all the wickedness comes out of the shadows and everybody is allowed to live out their spookiest fantasies. Whether you’re choosing to stay inside, or going out to explore haunted houses and creepy cemeteries, make sure that you make this a night to remember.

So, how do these activities sound? Do you think you’ll give them a try? Either way, we hope you have a fantastic Halloween! Cheers, witches!

Feature Image by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


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