How You Can Truly ‘Get Over It’ Today For National Get Over It Day

You may not know that March 9th is National “Get Over It” Day, but here’s how you can celebrate this special day to let the past go. 

In 2005, Atlanta native. Jeff Goldblatt, creates Get Over It Day after he struggled to cope with a recent break-up. After he realized that so many other people struggle to find closure in their relationships, Jeff wrote a poem and created, which quickly became a viral sensation. His site has since been featured on major TV shows, such as Good Morning America, ESPN SportsCenter, and hundreds other media outlets in recognition of Get Over It Day. 

There’s even a printable declaration:

The concept of this day really is in the title — this is the day where you can finally get over it. 

Today, let go of anything that weighs you down and stresses you out. Remember these “Jeff-isms” to help you let go: “It could always suck more” and “It’s all part of life, it will help you grow stronger, but this ‘pity party’ of yours can’t last any longer.”

Granted, you don’t need a specific day to let your stress go, but dedicating one day per year to moving on can make the process easier. Get Over It Day will hold you accountable for moving forward, and honestly, what’s the harm in that? 

Understandably, if getting over your problems was as simple as choosing one day to forget about them, we wouldn’t even need Get Over It Day. But because that’s not the case, here are three great coping mechanisms that’ll help you let your issues go:

1. Write a short letter to yourself.

 In it, detail what you struggle with and why you need to let it go. Once you finish writing the letter, rip it up or burn it, so you never have to see it again. 

2. Meditate. 

Dedicate a little bit of time today to thinking about how much easier your life will be without the stress of whatever currently bothers you. 

3. Talk to someone you trust.

 Get all of your feelings off your chest. And of course, vow that you won’t stress about that particular issue any longer.

Today, get over all of your problems! Now,15 years later, the best way to observe this day is on social media by Follow the #NationalGetOverItDay hashtag, post a picture of yourself, and include a short paragraph of what you’re trying to move past. You can also take the Get Over It Day pledge.

Is there anything you need to let go today? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


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