The “Love Is Blind” Finale Will Have You Eagerly Waiting For The Reunion

Love Is Blind (screen grab) CR: Netflix

*Spoiler Alert*

At last, the big day finally happened for the five remaining couples on Netflix’s hit reality show, Love Is Blind.

On the season finale that became available to stream today viewers finally got to see which couples actually sealed the deal and which one’s broke up. Did the “social experiment” show successful? Let’s find out!

Damian Powers and Giannina “Gigi” Gibelli

This couple was known to viewers as being a hot mess. From the over dramatic fights to the odd coupling that didn’t seem like it would last, fans often went in on the couple via Twitter after each episode aired.

Despite Gigi claiming to work on her “anger issues” and wanting to make a marriage work, Damian sadly said, “I do not.” In a savage move, he then tried to explain his decision to not get married, resulting in Gigi running out of the venue, ripping her dress and throwing the parts at him. This break up was more dramatic than any episode of The Bachelor I’ve ever seen.

Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike

In a real shocking ending Barnett and Amber surprisingly went through with the marriage. I mean, their chemistry was clear from the start and I was rooting for them during the dating phase because of how natural they seemed. Then we saw the undeniable physical connection and knew they had a shot if Jessica could stay out of Amber’s way. Luckily Barnett’s f*ck boy tendencies had come to an end and he became a married man. A true miracle.

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas

The messiest couple truly did have a shit show of a wedding day to say the least. In typical Jessica fashion, the age difference was just too much for her to wrap her head around. Oh, and she still desperately wants Barnett. What a shocker.

Just hours before the ceremony, Jessica told her mom that Mark was the man of her dreams. But when she was at the alter, she said, “I don’t.” After breaking Mark’s heart, in true Jessica fashion she said, “I guess I’ll apologize to whoever I need to apologize to, but I’m not going to apologize to myself because I’m not actually sorry.” Owch.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed

Fan favourite’s Cameron and Lauren certainly were a fairy tale romance come true leading up to their big day. Their connection was undeniable and their determination to work on creating a marriage seemed natural and equally matched. Luckily, their love for each other was enough to prove that love is blind, and they tied the knot! And Cameron continued to win over the hearts of viewers as he sobbed his way through his vows.

Kelly Barnes and Kenny Chase

To me, this was by far the most shocking turn of events that happened during the finale. Kenny and Kelly truly seemed like they were on the same page and very in sync. Their chemistry was strengthened when they were introduced to each others parents and had great support from their families. They also seemed so relaxed compared to every couple on the show with minimal pointless drama.

On their wedding day, Kelly had a moment of clarity when she put on her wedding dress. She simply couldn’t marry someone she had known for a matter of a few weeks. She also said she wasn’t “infatuated” with him like she was with her ex boyfriend, and called off the wedding at the alter and in front of their friends and family.

It was announced yesterday by Netflix that they will now be following up with the couples in a reunion show that will air shortly. So yes, just because they got married doesn’t mean they are still together. In an even more shocking twist, the show was filmed back in 2018! Some of the couples could already have kids or be divorced.

Love Is Blind easily became a binge-watchers guilty pleasure that captured the internet’s full attention. The concept was certainly strange, because it isn’t normal to get engaged after a few lengthy conversations and behind a brick wall. But it was addicting in terms of great entertainment, none the less.

Bring on the reunion show!

Featured image via Netflix


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