10 Songs That Will Get You In A Cozy Winter Mood

Listen. Can you hear it? The music. I can hear it everywhere. In the wind… in the air… in the light. It’s all around us. All you have to do is open yourself up. All you have to do … is listen. -August Rush

Music fits every season, emotion, and moment. It can bring back memories, scents, and everything in between. For wintertime, they encompass the excitement of first snow, the frost on the leaves, the warmth of fire glowing, and the cold breath in the nighttime air. Here are some special songs for the wintertime — each captures the winter feeling even if they are not strictly about the season. 

This Time by Johnathan Rhys Meyers

This a song from the movie August Rush, just like the quote above. It reflects a certain melancholy that reminds us all of winter. The acoustic guitar sounds throughout the song give it a winter vibe that reminds me of wool sweaters and warm coats.

Lovely by Billie Elish (Feat. Khalid)

Lovely has a breathy cadence that is reminiscent of the first frost staining a window as everyone’s breath becomes visible in the air. A performance video that uses this song combines a dance to the music in a beautiful way that represents the darkness and light which lives in all of us.

Motion by Khalid

This is a song that floats and brings you along the groove. It is perfect for a late-night drive after sitting on a bench drinking hot chocolate and watching ice skaters and twinkling lights.

Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson and Sarah Bareilles

This is a classic song for the season. It carries a joyous melody to keep the holiday spirit alive after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Dr. Zhivago by Ludovico Einaudi

This song is from the 2002 movie remake of the same name. Its melody is based on piano and violin sounds without any vocals, but it pulls you in and transports you to a place surrounded by snow-covered mountains and small warmly-lit cabins.

Written in the Stars by John Legend and Wendy

Written in the Stars has a laid back melody that settles you into a peaceful state of relaxation and reflection. It tells a story of a new love and a new start that is perfect for the beginning of the year. 

Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars

Poison and Wine is a yet another acoustic song that sweeps you into the narrative of a breaking love. The piano and guitar sounds are gentle and lulling as the vocals become increasingly powerful. Picture listening to this while looking out at the snowfall.

Dreaming of You by Selena Quintanilla

This is a wistful song that gives off a cinematic feeling of being curled up under a blanket gazing at the orange flames of the fireplace.

Better Than Me by David Cook

This tune is perfect for making snow angels and just lying down as the stars intertwine with the snowflakes falling gently to the earth below.

Look Away by Eli Lieb and Steve Grand

Look Away is a ballad with strong emotion. The raspy quality of Lieb’s voice is like smoke rising out of a chimney on a cold night.

So, sit by the fire, put on some headphones, relax, and listen. Or even better — venture outside in the cold brisk air with your earbuds, a hat, and hot chocolate with those tiny marshmallows, and enjoy the sounds of winter. 

Featured image via Pexels


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