10 Reasons You Should Take A Pole Dancing Class

pole dancing

The first time that I went to a strip club and saw all the twists and turns that the ladies did on the pole, I could not help but be amazed. These women mystified me with their grace, strength, and sensuality. I wanted to learn how to move like them. 

So, earlier this year, I decided to finally attend a pole dancing class for the fun of it. And let me tell you: I had so much fun! Plus, it was such a killer workout that I decided to add it as part of my fitness routine

These are 10 reasons why you should try it too:

1. It can help you lose weight.

Pole dancing taxes the muscles in the entire body – making it a great isometric and cardiovascular exercise wrapped into one. You can burn as many calories in a 30-minute session as you would doing aerobics and calisthenics, and this can lead to significant weight loss over several months.

2. It increases your strength.

Pole dancing is an intense, full-body workout. In particular, you’ll work your upper body, core, and thighs. It involves repeatedly lifting your own body weight for extended periods of time, climbing up a vertical pole, and inverting your body. With some determination, you will gain strength incredibly quickly.

3. It reduces your stress and anxiety.

If you have a difficult day, a pole workout is a great way to relieve stress. Pole dancing, like any other workout, helps the body to release feel-good endorphins that lower your stress and anxiety levels.  

4. It builds your self-confidence.

With pole dancing, you will develop some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn. Being confident isn’t just about your state of mind – your skills on the pole will translate into real life and you will be able to move with the nimbleness and graciousness of a cat.

5. It’s good for your bones and joints.

Pole dancing will help you to develop strong bones, along with increasing joint mobility. Due to the fact that you are constantly strengthening the muscles in your body by twisting, gripping, and lifting yourself up on the pole. 

6. It’s good for your heart.

Pole dancing is good for your heart since it’s a form of aerobic training. And since all the muscles are being engaged at some point, regular exercise promotes blood flow. 

7. It improves your sleep.

A regular pole dancing workout will help with your sleep routine. With time you’ll start to notice your sleeping patterns improving and you’ll feel more refreshed after waking up too.

8. It helps you to look better.

After a few months of pole dancing, you’ll definitely notice a change in your body. You’ll feel slimmer, your muscles will be firmer, and your body confidence will increase. 

9. It is emotionally healing.

The physical benefits are great, but the feeling you get from mastering a move or expressing a particular emotion is indescribable. You can dance out any emotion in class, and it feels deliberating dancing to your own rhythm. You just let all your emotions out on that pole. 

10. You don’t need experience to do it.

You don’t have to have any particular strengths or dance background, or even be in good shape to get started with pole fitness. Don’t be intimidated – just try it! 

I hope this list motivated you to make it to a pole dancing studio and give it a try. You will see how empowering and fun it can be to twist, twirl, and be sexy, all while getting a fantastic workout.

Featured image from Jonathan Rados via Unsplash.


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