Why You Seemed Like Such A Good Idea At The Time

I bet you plan your next lie in your sleep,
I bet you dream about her instead of me.
But I would still bet money on your feelings for me,
Even if they will never be mine to keep.

I must have been drunk off your voice,
Every word you said to me is now a blur.
With every shot I started losing my choice,
My careful words are just drunken slurs.

Still I pour myself another glass of you,
You always seem like such a good idea.
And I’d like to get to know your other masks,
The ones you wear to hide from me.

Once you’re all done, I feel the hangover,
And I start to remember why I need to quit you.
Your lovely drunk is so hard to resist
Because you always seem like such a good idea

Featured Image via Fallen Skies.



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