You Won’t Believe The Newest Lip Plumping Trend

These days, young people are coming up with some of the stupidest trends ever. Eating Tide pods and creating eyebrow art that shapes them in a funky way are just a few of the newest trends. Because of that the world has something new to roll their eyes at almost everyday. 

However, the newest invention trumps all of that. Thanks to a video uploaded on the popular app TikTok, women are using super glue to help temporarily plump their lips. That’s right, people are seriously gluing their lips up under their nose because of this new trend. It’s all due to one video.

You can view the original video here:

Some are even dubbing this as the new Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge (remember when everyone would suction-cup their lips in water bottles so their lips would be swollen?). Moreover, it’s just as stupid as that trend.

And if you don’t think people would seriously do this, think again. 

Luckily, a lot of people — and I mean a lot — are discussing how stupid this is. Even still, many more users are expressing their satisfaction with the hack!

All in all, it does accomplish the desired look these young women are looking to achieve. However, could you imagine how painful it would be to have super glue stuck to your lip like that!? That’s such a sensitive area, and super glue is extremely painful and toxic for your skin altogether. Moreover, shouldn’t we all just aspire to be happy as we are?

The internet is a strange place for selfies these days, isn’t it?

Featured image via Pexels


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