A Shocking Twist Was Revealed For The ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot

Disney+ recently announced that they’re making a reboot of one of our favorite childhood shows: Lizzie McGuire. We grew up watching Lizzie as an awkward teenager and tuned into the adventures she shared with her best friends, Gordo and Miranda. Lizzie McGuire was a coming-of-age show, so we related to Lizzie on so many levels. There was the hot boy who Lizzie obsessed over, the mean girl with a secret heart of gold, and a whole lot of teenage insecurity along the way. 

In the reboot, Lizzie is 30 years old, living her dream as an interior designer in New York City. Sounds good so far, right?

When the original Lizzie McGuire series ended, Lizzie and Gordo had finally coupled up. Their platonic friendship throughout the series was wonderful, beautiful, and gave us all hope that they could be something more.

But the creators of the Lizzie reboot have dropped a huge bombshell: In the new series, Lizzie is engaged to someone else.

We all watched the original series knowing that Gordo was in love with Lizzie the entire time. In his eyes, Lizzie could do no wrong, but does that mean that Gordo and Lizzie should be together? Maybe not entirely. 

It’s heartbreaking that Lizzie and Gordo didn’t end up together, but it’s also not completely out of the blue. The actor who played Gordo isn’t entirely written out of the new show, so there may be some surprises to come. Still, Gordo no ending up with Lizzie isn’t the romantic, hopeful ending we all wanted for the former couple.

Lizzie and Gordo’s non-coupling isn’t what we wanted, but it’s pretty realistic.

After all, they started their relationship way back when they were teenagers. Lizzie McGuire (mainly) stuck to reality, not fantasy. No, becoming an overnight pop sensation in Italy isn’t exactly what we would expect in real life, but for the most part, Lizzie’s life wasn’t too far out of the ordinary. The show’s realism made it special to all of us.

We should still try watching the Lizzie McGuire reboot, regardless of the creators’ decisions. We’ll relive our childhood nostalgia, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll catch a glimpse or two of Gordo throughout the new series.

Featured Photo via Disney Channel The Lizzie McGuire Movie


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