5 Wilderness Destinations You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

wilderness destinations must visit

Escaping from the modern world into nature is on the rise. People are tired of constant social media exposure, so they look for something that will disconnect them from that world. They want something that allows for a true connection between others and themselves. Clean air, limitless horizons, and diverse landscapes bring peace and relaxation into human life.

Here are 5 destinations in the wilderness that will bring you all this and so much more:

1. The End of the World in Patagonia


There is no bigger wilderness than Patagonia, which is located “at the end of the world.” This makes this place a very attractive destination for those seeking adventure and something otherworldly to hike. The area is full of national parks, glaciers, ice fields, lakes, and waterfalls. This makes it a unique spot in the world to hike.

The best way to feel true beauties of Patagonia is if you sleep under the starry sky. Rain, snow, and strong winds are sometimes present. Find yourself there on a sunny day, though, to see the whole region sparkle.

2. The Peacefulness of Kenya

Africa is often called the Cradle of Life and  most of its parts are filled with untouched nature and amazing wildlife. Kenya and its Loisaba Tented Camp are the best examples of this African charm. Here is where you can meet exciting nature in controlled and safe conditions. 

Mount Kenya is a great place for river fishing, mountain biking, horse riding, and trekking with camels. You can join the anti-poaching team and see their efforts to preserve some of the most endangered species in the world.

3. Diverse Landscapes of Tasmania

Tasmania is an island south of Australia, and is full of untouched nature and extraordinary wildlife. Famous for food, wine, and dramatic landscapes, Tasmania holidays are very popular among travelers and nature lovers. Three Capes Track, just two hours from capital Hobart, will take you to the dense rainforest and straight to the Tasman Sea. Here you’ll find local wildlife like wombats, the Tasmanian Devil, and diverse species of birds. 

Those looking for something more thrilling will have fun at the Cradle Mountain Canyons taking you straight to the Tassie wilderness by jumping off waterfalls. Denman’s Cave will show you a more timid side of Tasmania. Or, climb the Blade on Cape Pillar to enjoy an amazing view of the whole coast.

4. A True Adventure in Bolivia


Bolivia is an ideal country to visit for a more demanding adventure. It has dunes, deserts, salt flats, mountains, plus green landscapes. There are many campsites offering accommodations and tours to those willing to see this country when it’s most gorgeous – the winter. However, be prepared for temperatures below zero at night.

If you join a guided tour, you will change camps and be able to experience each location such as Nevado Sajama, the highest peak in Bolivia. You will also have an opportunity to dip in a hot spring and walk the Atacama Desert (considered to be the driest in the world). A balloon ride over the Salar de Uyuni salt flats is the perfect way to finish your Bolivian experience.

5. The John Muir Trail in California


When it comes to the USA, the first thing people think of is the glowing cities, like Los Angeles or New York. However, America is also known for its diverse nature and extraordinary landscapes If you want to experience real charms of hiking, then you must visit the John Muir Trail in California.

This 215-mile long hike will take you through Kings Canyon, Yosemite Valles, Ansel Adams Wilderness, and the Sequoia National Park. You will pass underneath some impressively tall trees, see watering holes, and relish in the perfect weather along the way.

Our planet has many beautiful destinations that expose you to the vast and diverse wilderness. You should explore as many as you possibly can. When you choose a destination, think deeply about what you would like to experience. Some things to consider are the local temperature of the destination, the food choices and your preferences, and how demanding of a trip it will be there. After all, the idea is to enjoy yourself.No matter where you choose, make sure to savor every moment of being unplugged from technology.

Featured image from @palumalerba via Pexels.


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