Why You Need To Try Charmed Aroma If You Haven’t Already

charmed aroma

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m a full-blown candle addict. While I’m not ashamed to express my love for them, I am a tad embarrassed by how large my collection is. I like to pamper myself and thrive on self-care nights with a scented candle burning. I also like to indulge in some new jewelry every once in a while, but I don’t like spending good money on the products. That’s where Charmed Aroma comes into play. 

So what is Charmed Aroma?

They’re a company that creates lightly scented soy candles or bath bombs. In each product, you can find a piece of jewelry valued at a range of prices. The catch is, you don’t necessarily know what style you will get. However, each candle or bath bomb is promoted with a few pieces of jewelry that you may find in each product. So out of those shown, you might be a lucky recipient. 


Part of what makes their products so addicting, aside from the quality of the jewelry, is the element of surprise that accompanies each purchase.

The moment I get a new candle or bath bomb, I immediately use it in hopes to get my jewelry quicker. Likewise, I love seeing what styles of rings I get, as they are all so stunning in their own way and value at some impressive costs. Plus, some of the containers the candles come in make for adorable room decorations. And that in itself is a win.

Here’s a bit more information on Charmed Aroma in case you’re wondering:

How do you know your ring size?

When ordering online, or in the select stores, you indicate which size you need. The sizing is true to most jewelry stores!

How long does your candle need to burn for until you get your jewelry?

I find on average it takes about 3 hours until you start to see the tinfoil bag holding your jewelry. Obviously, if you have a more uniquely-shaped container, it may take longer. 

How do you find out how much your jewelry costs?

Each piece of jewelry comes in a little plastic baggie wrapped in tinfoil. In your little plastic baggie, you’ll find a tag with a code on it. Go to the Charmed Aroma website and enter the code and it’ll give you an appraisal of your prize and potentially more information!

Does the jewelry tarnish?

I’ve never experienced any tarnishing, nor has anyone I know. Rings also don’t color your finger green!

What happens if my product is damaged or defective?

Email customer service right away with a picture, and they will try to either send you an identical product or a new one to replace it. My girlfriend got a ring that was missing a stone, and they got back to her within hours! Then, she received a new ring in days. So, they do take feedback seriously!

Do the candles smell strong?

Unlike Bath & Body Works, they are a lot subtler and work really well in smaller rooms. The scents are not overpowering or strong to the point where you’ll be smelling it for hours.

Honestly, I love the element of surprise when it comes to their products. I got a beautiful opal ring at a value at $60, and a gorgeous “Princess Diana engagement ring-inspired” sapphire ring valued at $250. You never know what you’re going to get, but the products are all so unique. You can’t find them anywhere else – especially for that cheap. 

For anyone who loves pampering, Charmed Aroma is the brand for you. Plus, they have frequent sales and free shipping. They even make for a perfect and affordable gift idea! And you know what they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Featured image via Charmed Aroma on Instagram


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