7 Adorable Dog Breeds In Honor Of International Dog Day

dog day

Our dogs are furry, lovable, and cute at all times. They’re our best friends, especially, the most loyal of them all. So, in honor of International Dog Day, here are seven dog breeds that’ll make an amazing addition to your family.

1. Golden Retriever

This one goes without saying because Golden Retrievers are adorable, loving dogs. Retrievers make great family pets and genuinely love children. Moreover, they’re a low-maintenance breed. They do, however, require lots of exercise, but that’s certainly a bonus for active families.

2. Newfoundland Dog


These furry giants are one of the calmest dog breeds. Even though they can weigh up to 200 pounds, Newfoundlands literally love everyone. Although we originally used them as working dogs, many people started bringing Newfoundlands into their homes once they discovered the breed’s calm, loving nature. It’s not surprising because who wouldn’t want such a lovely beast?

3. Collie Dog


Thanks to the movie Lassie, Collies are now extremely popular. These long-haired dogs are not only great for families, but they are also wonderful for single individuals. Collies are mid-sized and love running. The only downside is their constant shedding, but you can counteract the fur on your carpet by regularly grooming your dog.  

4. Beagle

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Beagles look like the happiest dogs out there, especially when they smile and wiggle their long ears. Additionally, these dogs can weigh up to 30 pounds and live for 15 (or more) years! What’s more, their small size means that you can keep them in your apartment without any problems.

5. Bulldog

Even though this breed might not sound family-friendly, quite the opposite is true. Bulldogs are very friendly and docile, which makes them a great companion for the whole family. Bulldogs are also a smaller breed, so they require fairly little upkeep. Besides, who can resist their adorable, wrinkly faces?

6. Cocker Spaniel Dog


We know Cocker Spaniels for their long, curly coat and ears. This gorgeous breed can live up to 15 years. Cocker Spaniels originated in England and come in a variety of colors. They have an extremely easy-going temperament and are incredibly lovable, too. They will also give you warm cuddles anytime!

7. Mutt


Even though this isn’t a “real” breed, we can’t leave out mutts! These mixed-breed pups are some of the kindest dogs out there. Unfortunately, many people abandon their mutts, so they end up in shelters. Therefore, you should always consider adoption!

Dogs are man’s best friends. They bring happiness and love into our homes in exchange for meat and treats. Furthermore, they can be a great responsibility lesson for children. Regardless of whether you’re getting a dog for yourself or an entire family, these seven breeds are some of the sweetest and most lovable of all.

Feature image via Ana Francisconi on Pexels


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