Happy Hump Day: It’s “Eat An Extra Dessert Day” Today

Eat an Extra Dessert Day is September fourth!

Well, hallelujah! “Eat an Extra Dessert Day” falls on my birthday, September 4th. And for those of you who don’t know,is already an American holiday, because Beyonce was also born on September 4. It’s hard to say which I’m more excited about — justifying my insatiable sweet tooth or sharing a birthday with Queen Bey. Regardless, here’s why you should enjoy an extra dessert on the 4th. Even if it’s not your birthday!

1. It’s healthy to have dessert — really.

TimeAndDate.com tells us this an unofficial holiday with no official founder. But whoever created it, deserves gratitude! From my vast experience working with dietitians during my eating disorder recovery, I do know So, no reason not to have one on September fourth!

2. Waiting for a specific “cheat day” is not the best plan.

Many people on a strict diet allow themselves one cheat day. Registered dietitians generally tell us that cheat day is not exactly good for your body since it consists of huge amounts of fat and sugar. It’s much easier on our bodies and minds if we recognize that a certain amount of sugar and fat is just fine to consume, and may actually be better for us than depriving ourselves in the name of fitting into those jeans. Deprivation and restriction can lead to a vicious cycle of overeating and fasting/restricting food intake. Enjoy that cake whenever you want!

3. Having a dessert doesn’t have to be something that’ll wreck your nutritous diet.

It can be whatever would be a treat for you — not necessarily a Cheesecake Factory slice. For instance, try to make a pint of ice cream last for four servings. In fact, they now actually make single serve options. They look puny, but if you eat mindfully and really take in everything sensory about your food (not just the taste, but also the smell, texture and appearance) then you will enjoy yourself and not end up with a bellyache. Eating too much of anything will make your stomach hurt and ultimately not be very good for you. Sugar and fat aren’t your enemies, just should be enjoyed in moderation.

When September 4th rolls around, have that extra dessert! Just consider pacing and putting a few hours between your first dessert and the second one. A walk around the block can also help with digestion if you are feeling a little too full. With these tips in mind, you have free reign to satisfy your sweet tooth twice this September!

Photo by Simona Todorova on Unsplash


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