How To Know That You Have A ‘Justin Bobby’ In Your Life

If there’s one guy we love to hate on MTV’s The Hills and The Hills: New Beginnings, it’s Justin Bobby, Audrina Patridge’s on-again, off-again man. 

Fans were introduced to Justin, whose real name is Justin Brescia, back in season 3 of The Hills, even though the pair met years prior. We’ve been lucky to witness, learn from, and relate to Audrina and Justin’s ongoing romance ever since.  

Here’s the thing, though: As much as we love Justin Bobby (because he’s a charming bad boy with just enough mystery to leave us wanting more), we can’t help but notice how much of a dick he is to Audrina.

We all rooted for the two because we could see them as a reflection of ourselves, especially when we fall in love with the wrong person. All of us wanted to be with our star-crossed lovers because we saw that they had potential and hoped deep down that our love story would end happily. We found Justin and Audrina’s romance relatable and could watch it unfold before our eyes. 

The truth is, almost every millennial woman has had a Justin Bobby in her life. 

Think about it. We all have that one boy who has a hold on us. He tends to disappear like a ghost and reappear right when we finally start to move on with our lives. We could move onto someone else, but we always wonder what if and know that he’ll come back to destroy our feelings later on. 

During his “ghosting” phases, you literally don’t hear a peep from him or see much of him at all.

But then he makes a grand appearance back into your life, and it makes your jaw drop. There aren’t any signs hinting at his arrival, which leaves us in a state of shock and happiness. But while you are thrilled to see him, you’re often left wondering when he’ll leave again and your sadness will return. No matter what, you know that his return is inevitable. 

Most of the time, your relationship with a “Justin Bobby” type doesn’t have a label.

Even though you go on wonderful dates and have adorable sleepovers full of passionate sex and tender moments, you always wonder about when he will finally leave. The questions flood your head: Does he like me? Is he seeing other girls? He never gives you any certainty, so you’re always his situationship or “almost-girlfriend.”

Then he shows his jealous, possessive side.

He may act as if he doesn’t want you when other girls are around, but you know that the moment another man looks at you, he’ll step in like Superman to prevent you from seeing them. Meanwhile, if you feel like another girl threatens you, he’ll blow you off and make you feel jealous, upset, and confused. Then in private, he’ll blatantly remind you that you’re not his and you are “just a friend,” even though you damn well know that you’re more than that. 

You may not have had an official relationship with your Justin Bobby, but the idea of what could be will make you stay. You like the thrill of the chase, and he more than likely does too, so you hope that you can be the girl who will finally tie him down. 

Will you ever change him? Will he ever want you? And will your Justin Bobby situation ever work after all you’ve been through? No one knows because let’s be real: it’s been over 10 years since Justin Bobby initially graced our television sets, and he still can’t decide if he wants to be with Audrina or not.

If your man exhibits the same qualities that made Justin Bobby infamous, you should finally move on. 

Featured video via The Hills


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