What Your Obsession With Glitter Really Says About You

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe that glitter is “the herpes of crafting” and those who are absolutely obsessed with it. Here’s to the people who would be ecstatic if they could live in pools of sparkles for the rest of their lives.

After all, glitter really can make you euphoric.

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Your glitter obsession may not be totally healthy, but there are far worse things for you to obsess over. No matter what other people think of your obsession, one thing’s for sure: If you can’t live without shimmer, you were definitely born to shine. Accessorizing with glittery items will help you get the attention you crave.

After all, how can you take your eyes off of someone who’s always sparkly?

Glitter can be a simple accent, but it’ll draw the eye to all the right places. Throw on some glistening eye shadow, and your eyes are sure to stand out. Apply some glittery lipstick or lip gloss? Boom, you’re instantly the center of attention. Glitter is the perfect final touch to any outfit, especially if you want to feel like the star that you are.

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If you’re a glittering crafter, you know that a little sparkle can go a long way and will make your art more memorable. When your homemade gifts sparkle and shine, your projects will definitely make the recipients happy. Who doesn’t like shiny things? Nobody, that’s who! 

The only downside of glitter is that it gets everywhere… but is that really a problem? Absolutely not! Glittery residue can stick around for days or even weeks, like a fabulous trail of breadcrumbs. Lost something? Your shiny trail will help you retrace your steps… right back to your missing item (which is probably also something glittery!)

If you’re obsessed with glitter, you know that your love for sparkle will never die. Glitter brings you attention, accents your features, and will always make you happy. Just be careful when you clean it all up!

If anyone tries to make fun of your love of glitter, don’t let them dull your sparkle. You don’t need that anti-sparkle negativity in your life, so shine on!

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