5 Reasons We Are All So Obsessed With Target

I hate Walmart. No offense to those who shop there, but there’s a much cleaner, tidier, redder option out there: Target. I’m obsessed with Target! I’m not alone in my love for Target, though; many people call the store their “home away from home.” There are so many reasons why Target is the place to be and the place to – let’s be honest – empty your bank account, credit card, and wallet.

Here’s why you’ll be hitting a bullseye when you enter any Target location.

1. You go in for just one thing… and basically walk out with the whole store.

Want a T-Shirt? Sure, that’s all well and good, but wait, let’s grab these five bags of Goldfish first. A doormat? You need that! “Clueless” on DVD? That’s a throwback! Wait, what were we here for again?

With such a wide variety of eye-catching goods to purchase, a quick shopping trip can accidentally become a major, hours-long event. Your bank account will hate you later, but there are just too many items that interest you, and you just must have them all. Your initial thoughts officially go out the window as soon as you walk through those red, sliding doors.

2. Organizational skills are on point throughout the store.

Unlike other retailers who place  deodorant bottles right next to crossword puzzle books, Target’s layout is tidy, which makes your shopping trip easy, productive, and fun.

3. You can snag great deals as soon as you walk in with “One Spot.”

If you need a stocking stuffer, a goody bag gift, or any small knick-knack, the One Spot is for you. This exceptionally cheap part of the store is great for finding those random items that you didn’t even know you needed. Also, this frugally-priced place is amazing for teachers and other educational professionals.

4. Target has deals galore.

Part of the reason why we love Target so much is that we can potentially find everything we could ever need or want in a single visit… and it’s often on sale! While you stroll down the aisles, you’ll spot something you’ve needed forever sitting on the clearance end cap or priced on a random sale. Target’s frequent deals always make your shopping experience a real treat.

5. Shopping with Starbucks is the best!

We all need a sweet treat while we shop; a tasty companion store makes our shopping trip all the more delightful. Starbucks and Target in the same building somehow makes the perfect combination. Case closed. Sipping Starbucks while hitting Target is a tradition for most, so hop on board that deals/coffee train and enjoy!

There you have it, folks! That’s the intel on why we’re all so obsessed with Target. You can walk out with almost anything, get some deals in the One Spot or around the entire store, and enjoy a drink from Starbucks while you shop I’m seriously obsessed with Target’s sheer perfection,, and I have no doubt you’ll quickly develop a Target obsession, too.

Happy shopping!

Feature Image by targetteachers via Instagram


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