5 Fun Side Hustles That Will Make You Some Extra Money

Whether you are looking to make a bit of extra cash for a nice holiday or you want to start a new business venture with the view of making it work full-time, there are plenty of different opportunities out there to explore. For some, you may need to add some qualifications or build up experience but for others, you can simply get started today and try to earn some extra cash right away.

1. Do freelance work
If you are good at writing, design, art, photography or pretty much any kind of creative skill then people are crying out for freelance people to do tasks for them. You could be designing a logo on Photoshop or writing a company’s blog for them, simply head to a freelancer website and get signed up. The amount you can earn will depend on your skills and experience but there are jobs there for all levels of ability from novice through to expert.

2. Set up your own website
If you set up a website that attracts a large volume of traffic then you can make money from advertising on your website. Companies will pay you to place ad banners on your website or people will even pay you to publish a blog for them to help with their marketing strategy. You will need to spend time and effort creating a really good website that will attract lots of visitors for this one to earn you a decent amount of money. If you strike lucky with a concept that everyone wants to read about then you could be on to a good little earner though.

3. Property
If you have some capital or the ability to take on a second mortgage, you may be able to invest in property to make money. You can sign up for newsletters on a local property auction website to see if any good bargains come along, with the intent to either do a little bit of work on it, such as installing artificial grass in the garden to sell it on or rent it out if the rent yields are prospectively good. A lot of people have second houses that they rent out but if you are thinking of going into this area then make sure you understand the recent tax changes related to landlords. Also, you will need to decide whether to manage the tenancy yourself or pay an estate agent to take care of that side of things.

4. Become a YouTube/Social media star
If you can create great video tutorials or any other format that attracts high volumes of viewers then you can make a lot of money. The guy who recorded himself playing the computer game Minecraft and talking people through the various parts of the game is now raking it in and many others have followed suit. If you have a skill that you can share then creating a video and uploading it to YouTube could make you a lot of money through advertising.

5. eBay entrepreneur
You can start off by selling a few unwanted items on eBay and then you will soon see that a lot of sellers on there are making profits by buying items and selling them on at higher prices. Knowing what is a bargain and how to play the auctions well will help you to get clothes, jewelry, and even technology items at a price you can easily make a profit on. All you need to start off is some unwanted items and an eBay account and you can build from there.

There are plenty of ways to bring in a second income, the most important thing is execution and to have fun with it! If you’re a people person, why not rent a PCO car and become an Uber driver. This is great for people who love meeting new people and chatting through their shift.”

As with anything, it takes patience and hard work to succeed. What are some other ways that you like to make a second income? Comment below.

Featured image via Netflix’s Girlboss


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