Even Though You’re Gone, I’ll Never Stop Missing What We Were

Together, we were the perfect storm, a fire primed to ignite. We were explosive, lighting the night sky in a dizzying array of color and sound. But I’ll never stop missing what we were, the caustic chemistry that held us together by a thread.

I’ll never stop missing the hunger I felt for you.

My desire for you roared through my entire being, leaving me feeling satiated from my cravings for you alone. In your hollowness, you sustained me, filling my cup until it overflowed with grim satisfaction. When you touched me, you quelled my emptiness with your whole heart, letting our corrosive love burst.

I’ll never stop missing the lightness I felt with you.

You made my heart swell, soaring into the morning breeze as if it would never return below. You made me feel impossibly delicate, irresistibly beautiful as you effortlessly carried me through life. You took the weight of the world off my shoulders as if I were floating in another world. Together, we defied gravity, transcending the mundane as we immersed ourselves in the divine.

I’ll never stop missing the way you held me.

You wrapped me in your arms, drawing me into you as if you never wanted to let me go.

With every brush against my skin, you consumed me, my heart melting into yours, your soul intertwining with mine. Your irresistible allure, the thought of us tangled up together in a passionate embrace, the captivating way you frantically caress my body and refuse to let go makes me wish that I could hold you forever.

But now, you are gone, and all that remains is the smoky haze after the inferno. I can still feel your electric touch pulsing against my skin as I wish for you, reminding me that I’ll never stop missing what we were.

Previously published on Thought Catalog.

Featured Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash.


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