The Best Drake Memes From The ‘No Guidance’ Music Video

Chris Brown dropped the music video for No Guidance, his collaborative single with Drake, on Friday. Despite the song’s extremely catchy tune and the powerhouse duo’s performance, the music video is making news for something a little more lighthearted.

Yes, the video is 9 minutes long, which is unusually long considering most singles barely get music videos anymore (nor do people really care because TV programs stopped playing them almost all together). However, the video revolves around Brown and Drake competing for women at a party.

Surprisingly, the highlight of the entire video – that’s equipped with a dance off and adorable kid dissing – comes at the 5:49 mark. In fact, we see Drake respond to Chris Brown’s impressive dance skills with a sarcastic “ew.” Well, if that isn’t a mood!

Naturally, the internet created a ton of hilarious memes that you will find all too relatable when a Drake response is appropriate.

Obviously, we should never take our sight for granted, guys!

Literally no one cares if you delete your social media, especially if you’re always seeking validation and attention from people.

The response is better than the actual first tweet!

Oh wow, you don’t party? Cool. In fact, no one cares.

This was above all the most annoying person in school.

As funny and accurate as this is, it still hurt a bit to be reminded of the struggle we’re all going through right now.

LOL! Too soon?

This hurts harder than a razor sharp looking cheekbone highlight.

Can anyone else agree?

All men lie, let’s be real!

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s okay!


Sure, people criticized Drake for obviously vocalizing his love for Breezy’s ex girlfriend Rihanna, and a lot of fans are questioning his decision to collaborate with her former abuser. But you can’t lie, this two second clip describes half of your thoughts when any minor inconvenience happens every day.

As a whole, this single reminds music lovers what Chris Brown was known for back when he first got his start in 2005. His vocals are chilling, and his talented dancing is almost as good as it was back in the day. Mix this with Drake and how couldn’t this have been memorable? Even if it didn’t produce a hilarious meme!

You can watch the full music video here:

Feature Image via Chris Brown on Instagram


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