A Night With Tequila As Told By Gifs

tequila night out

If you’ve ever made a bad decision because of tequila, raise your hand.

Whether tequila makes your clothes fall off or brings you a lifetime of memories you wish you could forget, it certainly knows how to get the job done. A tequila-fueled night is a certain kind of night no matter what. If you can’t remember yours, here’s the story as told by gifs.

When you get to happy hour, you tell your friends you’re only going to have one drink because you’re responsible and have to get up early the next day.

If you’re anything like me, you look for a good happy hour special, usually a two-for-one. You need to get the most out of your money!

After your first couple of drinks, you’re feeling great, the tequila is starting to hit you and you feel on top of the world. Whatever plans you had later are probably out the door and you’re no longer worried about anything of significance.

The night progresses and you’re irritated with that one friend who can’t control their liquor intake. They’re highly emotional, they start having a full-on meltdown and you’re not trying to let their vibe bring you down.

When happy hour ends, you and your friends decide to keep the night going (whether that’s a good idea or not). You take the festivities elsewhere, not thinking twice about how you’ll feel in the morning.

At some point in the night, someone is going to suggest doing a round of tequila shots. If you were still sober, you would back away or pretend to do the shot by throwing it over your shoulder. However, in your increased state of intoxication, a gulp of straight tequila sounds like a great idea.

Once you take that first shot, it’s as if all your problems go out the window and you’re untouchable. You’re confident and you feel like nothing is going to stop you. In my own experience, it also makes you think you’re the best dancer there is.

Unfortunately, the debauchery takes a turn into hysterics and someone is confessing their feelings for the millionth time. Your speech is slurred. And now everyone is staring at the two grown adults having a moment induced by way too much tequila.

Most of the time, all of you look like this:

It’s time to go home if at any point you resort to this:

The day after a tequila binge is always the worst. I don’t know about you, but this is how I usually feel when I first force my eyes open:

The alarm is going off for the 5th time on snooze but all you want to do is stay in bed.

Hopefully, your big night out didn’t take place the night before a workday. If it did, you will be pleading for an easy day at the office. You’re not quite ready for the day to begin. Your tolerance for human interaction is at an all-time low, and you can’t be bothered.

Your day progresses and you start to feel like a real human being again. Karen from accounting is annoying you and you’re looking at the clock, counting down the minutes until happy hour again.

So on National Tequila Day, take a shot, have a margarita and enjoy yourself (responsibly).

Feature image via Isabella Mendes on Pexels


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