I Wish That You Could Just See Me Because I Don’t Want To Let Go

I often feel invisible, even though I’m standing right beside you. I show my love with gestures great and small, yet only the flaws make your day. And I honestly don’t know how to make you stop, look, and listen to all that I’m trying to do and say in the name of love.

Just once, I wish that you could see me.

I wish you could see the way I care for you every day and night. I always try my best to answer and listen to your needs. When you’re tired, I take on the extra burden. You see, I pick you up each time you fall. I let you know when I’m thinking of you, and I never hold back my feelings.

I know that sometimes I need you, too. Sometimes I stumble or find myself weak. I know that you feel like you always give while I take, but I don’t see it the same way. I don’t mean to be needy, but people need other people, too. 

I wish you could see the way I accept you despite your flaws.

I offer you my patience and my forgiving heart. Even on your darkest days, I don’t shy away and attend to you. Instead, I keep loving even when you try to push me away. I tell you all the good I see, especially when all you see is the bad.

I know that sometimes I point out your shortcomings, though. Often I don’t let you live it down. I know that you feel like the world is always against you, but I don’t see it like that. I don’t mean to sound nagging, but I want you to see who you truly are, too.

I wish you could see that my intentions are good.

I do everything out of love and with your best intentions at heart. I’m never trying to one you up or go behind your back, and I don’t find joy or pleasure in making you look bad. I only want to give you my all, because you matter so very much.

I know that sometimes you judge my actions. You can’t see the method to my madness. I know you feel like all you do is give me second chances, but I don’t see it like that.. I don’t mean to sound infallible, because I’m far from perfect.

But, despite all our ups and downs, my dear… I just wish that you could see me.

I see you standing in front of me, and I embrace you as you are. Perhaps I’ve never held your respect or high regard, and perhaps I never will. But I don’t let go so easily, no matter what the pain costs. Someday, I hope you’ll see me because I’m never letting go.

Originally Published on Thought Catalog
Photo by ZACHARY STAINES on Unsplash


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