Why You Need To Add The Wombats To Your Spotify Playlist

I’m one of those weird people who is always searching for those little-known bands that haven’t made it big yet, but, have something good to say. Those bands that have been around forever and have this awesome following, but haven’t been able to break through to the mainstream. Those bands that put out this amazing sound, and yet, somehow are unknown to a majority of the world by just hiding right under their noses. Currently, that unknown band obsession for me is The Wombats.

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I was introduced to The Wombats thanks to Jeep (Yes, I’m thankful to the people who made my Jeep Renegade). With most vehicles, when you buy new, the dealership offers you a year of free streaming to Sirius XM. One day when I was trying out different stations, I found an alternative music station that caught my attention. They played all of the music that I loved, but you wouldn’t necessarily hear on the regular radio stations, because they had a different, unique sound to them; they had an “alternative edge” to them. The Wombats, were one of the first bands that I heard on there that I knew I needed to find more of their music.

The Wombats are an English rock band from Liverpool. They have been together since 2003, and yet, somehow I’m just finding them now. While radio stations might classify their music as “alternative,” I would say that their sound is on the edge of pop and rock. They sound similar to bands such as Two Door Cinema Club, Circa Waves, Bloc Party, or Walk The Moon. They have music that you can dance to, but they also have those songs that just make you stop for a minute and think.

The first single that I had heard of theirs that made me want to dive further was Give Me A Try, (No pun intended, even though it really should be). The light beat is beyond catchy and the perfect tune for someone who is crushing on someone hard and looking for a way to win them over. It is definitely worth it to give it a try (pun intended) and catch this ear worm that will be lurking around your head for days. Also, on their Glitterbug album, listen to “Greek Tragedy,” “Pink Lemonade,” and “Flowerball.”

Their latest single “Turn,” has been on replay for me for about two weeks now. It is just one of those songs that will make you smile at the thought of someone, tap your toes to the beat and want to just reach out to someone to tell them that “You like the way their brain works.” I know that might not make much sense right now, but you will understand as soon as you hear the song. It is worth the download!

Ginger Views: Add The Wombats to your playlist immediately! Their music is beyond addicting and that something different that you are needing to add to your playlist. If you like bands like Walk The Moon, Imagine Dragons, Portugal or The Man, I highly suggest that you look into The Wombats! Trust me, you won’t regret the ear worm that you are about to get! I can guarantee you this is one of those bands that is going to blow up one of these days, and you are going to remember when I told you so.

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Originally published on Ginger Views.

Featured image via “the wombats live in rome” by Flavia_FF / CC BY


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