IHOP Tried Fooling Us Again, And Twitter Is Losing Its Sh*t

Last year, International House of Pancakes temporarily changed their restaurant chain name to IHOb to advertise their new menu filled with burgers. As you can remember, people lost their sh*t over this, urging the breakfast chain to “stay in their lane” and “stick to what they know.” Since then they’ve stayed pretty under the radar until today.

IHOP tried a name change to trick again this summer, but this time with a slightly different twist.

While they tried teasing us over the weekend, Twitter exploded with guesses about what this new “p” might mean…


Other people took a less serious approach…

This morning, the wait ended!

IHOP shared with us their newest ploy to get us into the door and it’s not at all what we expected, either.

That’s right: we’re now calling hamburgers “pancakes.”

And, no: this isn’t a joke.

That’s right. They’re now calling their hamburgers “pancakes” as well, which really doesn’t make sense. When servers come to get our orders, are they supposed to clarify if we want our pancakes “original” or “with meat?”

They also announced a new burger will feature a pancake in the middle. You know, just in case you can’t decide which “pancake” you really want.

I don’t get these new changes. Luckily, neither does Twitter… and their reactions are equally as hilarious.

No one really knows why IHOP thought this was a good business move, but they always have us scratching our heads in confusion these days. Although, they also get us craving a good pancake every once in a while.

All of that hype for nothing. What are your thoughts? Share with us!

Feature Image by IHOP on Instagram


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