5 Fun Ways To Enjoy Labor Day Weekend While Being COVID Safe

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner with another celebration to look forward to. Due to the pandemic, many  activities and trips have become restricted, increasing health and safety measures along with the fear of an increase in cases put a strain on existing policies. Even if all recommendations are followed, the likelihood of transmitting the disease remains unknown.

Travelling to busy environments will definitely pose a greater risk with all that being said. The large groups  of people will cause difficulty to abide with social-distancing measures. However, many of us still want to enjoy ourselves during Labor Day weekend. Although we spent most of our year inside our homes, we can try new activities suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Here are five ways to enjoy Labor Day weekend without risking exposure to COVID-19!

1. Go to a drive-in movie theater.

If you’re looking to catch up on a family movie night, attending a drive-in movie theater may be one of the best ideas yet. Over the last couple of months, many drive- in theaters  have opened across the country. Along with the built-in social distancing measures, watching a movie inside your car can be a safe way to bond with your peers. Since you’re in an environment with physical protection (aka the car), the exposure to the virus is zero to none (assuming those in your car are already those you are quarantining with).

2. Host a family barbeque party in the backyard.

A barbecue is a great way to bring family members together with delicious food, catchy music, and loads of laughter. Before hosting the party, make sure to communicate with your relatives about their experience with recent symptoms and illnesses. This way, you will have an idea of your family members’ health concerns and be able to implement the correct measures and accommodations necessary.  

3. Travel to a nearby, less-populated place.

Instead of travelling far, try to stay near your house. You never know how safe other locations can be, and you never know when and where the virus could hit you. It’s best to visit a place closer to your house, as you may know more about the rate of transmission and the safety restrictions within your community.

4. Walk to a small, less-busy park.

Many people choose to visit a larger, national park throughout the long weekend. However, larger parks hold a higher risk due to the number of visitors and the difficulty in regulating safety measures. If you still want to enjoy nature and hike in a safe environment, visiting a small park may be your best bet. Even with no hiking areas, walking to a nearby park may compensate for the amount of hiking in larger parks.  

5. Call your friends for a karaoke night.

We all miss our friends, especially when self-isolating and physical distancing from others. Many of us might choose to call them or have a video chat for a more intimate approach. Even though current technology can cause  a strain in personal interaction, we can still find ways to foster a personable experience. One of the activities we can do over the phone with peers is karaoke. So, grab your favourite song and be ready to sing-along with your friends.

Although our long-weekend activities may be different this year compared to the past, we can still enjoy the experience with family and friends. There are many social-distancing friendly activities for us to try with our peers. We should explore and see what ideas are offered in our local areas. Despite the pandemic, there are many fun ways for us to celebrate the holidays and still stay safe.

Photo by albert renn on Unsplash


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