10 Surprising Facts You Should Know About Red Wine

Red wine can be both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage that is crafted from dark-colored or simply black grape varieties. These grapes undergo intricate processes from planting, harvesting, and wine production. Red wines are the most popular types of wines which can be found in many parts of the world. They’ve become a staple beverage you can find on anyone’s table.

The production of red wines is delicate. Starting from its color, red wines range from intense violet to fierce red. Young red wines come in brick red while the mature ones come in darker tones to almost brown in color. The tannin content in each red wine is purely aged in oak barrels to make sure that the intensity of taste retains its freshness until it reaches the bottling stage.

That said, people believe that red wines are the best type for serving at any given time of day and for any occasion. In addition to the distinct production process, there are also fascinating facts concerning this variety of wines. They will surely inspire you to sip a glass of wine whether you are celebrating a momentous event or sitting on your couch after surviving a very stressful day.

1. The Health Benefits

Each bottle of red wine like Moet Chandon Brut Imperial contains a very powerful and hefty anti-aging ingredient called resveratrol. You can find this plant compound in tannin since it comes from the skin of the grapes. It can help with reducing the risks of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other illnesses. However, make sure that you only consume around one or two glasses of red wine per day to achieve these benefits. Remember, everything in moderation!

2. Grape Skins Add Nutrients And Color

The color of the wine depends on the color of the grape added to it upon production. As mentioned above, red wines are produced from dark-colored grapes, hence the color. Aside from that, the antioxidants that you get from wine are all extracted from the skin of grapes.

3. Varieties Of Red Wine Labels

Red wines are not like canned soda drinks that all taste the same. Take note that each wine label is produced depending on the type of grapes, how it aged, and the vineyard that processed it. Therefore, labels differ and each wine has a multitude of flavors.

4. Younger Red Wines Are Healthier

The famous saying states that red wines get better as they age. This is true because the wine taste becomes sweeter and tannin content gets stronger. However, if you are looking for a more natural wine that is richer in antioxidants, pick a younger wine which can surely deliver these results.

5. Old-Aged Wines Comes In A Lighter Color

If you think a more aged wine is darker, then think twice. The longer the wine ages, the lighter and more translucent it becomes.

6. Red Wines Are Mostly Produced From A Single Grape Type

Vitis Vinifera is the only grape type with the purest production. In fact, around 60 to 70 grape species are being grown in every vineyard to produce fine wines but red wines are only produced from this kind of grapes.

7. White Wines Are Produced From Red Wine Grapes

As mentioned, the color of the wine depends on the color of the grape skin. For some who don’t know, vineyards are peeling these grapes to make them skinless. Later on, they can use these to produce white wines.

8. White Grapes Are Younger Compared To Red Grapes

It is true that red grapes are older compared to the white grape variety. Vineyards were able to distinguish this through DNA testing. That’s why most vintage wine labels you can find in any winery are red wines. You will rarely find a white wine that is considered vintage.

9. They Have Fewer Sulfites

Sulfite is a compound added to a bottle of wine to prevent bacteria from growing while the wine sits in room temperature. You can find this kind of compound in white wines. Red wines have lower sulfite content because they are processed and picked naturally.

10. They Can Age Longer

Unlike white wines, red wines have the ability to age longer. While the wine undergoes the aging process, its taste becomes sweeter and stronger. Typically, red wine can age up to 25 years. This is because the tannin content is more intense and pure, which allows it to stay fresh longer inside oak barrels.

If you’re anything like us and you enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of the day then hopefully you’ve found these fun facts useful. What is your favorite red wine? Leave us a comment!

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