5 Ways To Sneak Alcohol Into Your Favorite Desserts

We all sometimes wish for a drink at a boring family or work function. Unfortunately, it’s not always appropriate to down a whole bottle of wine in front of your boss or your extremely conservative aunt. However, there are ways that you can spike your own dessert and use it to your advantage.

Here are five easy-to-make alcohol-infused desserts that everyone will beg you to make time and time again!

1. Mojito Cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for any occasion. You can make them for a dinner with friends or bring them to a party. Simply blend a regular cake batter with a Mojito, then top with whatever you want! You can use regular frosting or add margarita mix in the icing for even more flair. If you need inspiration, try this recipe!

2. Rum Brownies

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love these brownies even if you aren’t a fan of rum. The amount of alcohol in these yummy desserts is minimal so you can still enjoy a nice boozy feeling as well as the deliciousness of a soft brownie. The bourbon makes the chocolate taste even better. If you’re curious about how delectable these brownies really are, use this recipe!

3. Strawberry Margarita Pie

Who doesn’t love a good strawberry pie? The great thing about this boozy dessert is that you can make it with any type of fruit. Personally, I highly recommend strawberries, kiwis, or lemons. After you finish mixing the ingredients, simply mix in some margaritas, decorate accordingly, and you’re good to go. Try this recipe for extra flavor.

4. Baileys Chocolate Pie

Baileys is a dessert drink on its own, so adding it to a chocolate cake seems like a no-brainer. The signature Baileys coffee flavor and the sweetness of chocolate cake mix together to create your new favorite dessert! This one will definitely give you a sugar rush! Try this lovely recipe.

5. Bourbon Caramel Oatmeals Cookies


Caramel cookies are already gooey and delicious, but with a splash of bourbon, you can transform them into something completely new! This recipe substitutes regular flour with oatmeal so that you can live that healthy life you’ve always wanted but struggled to commit to. Try this salted caramel recipe and toast to your good health!

These desserts don’t include too much alcohol, so you can freely eat a whole batch without getting tipsy. However, it’s totally up to you how much alcohol you actually add. Try different versions, and make your own boozy desserts that wow your friends and family members!

What are your favorite boozy recipes? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image via Helena Lopes


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