Why You Need Both A Netflix & Hulu Account

We live in a world in which convenience is key and time is of the essence. Our attention spans are short, and we adore instant gratification. Our TV remotes and Bluetooth speakers have become Harry Potter wands, helping us entertain ourselves or learn to make dinner with a simple push of a button or even the sound of our voice. And, naturally, streaming services are a must for any modern household.

Why have both Netflix and Hulu, though? Is splurging on two streaming services really worth the money?

Well, we’re here to prove why you need to have and keep both your Netflix and Hulu accounts!

Why We Love Netflix

Netflix has everything, from cartoons to DIY shows to baking shows! Plus, with all the 80s and 90s shows making comebacks, your Netflix options are truly endless. What I truly love about Netflix is that it’s rapidly gaining more variety than the traditional cable channels.

Once I finish watching shows on my DVR or when cable is just a plain ole snore-fest, I can just turn on Netflix and find a show or movie to fit my mood. Who doesn’t love that? I can literally go from watching Jeff Dunham one minute to bingeing “To Making A Murder” the next. (What can I say? My taste in shows is extremely eclectic.) Also, Netflix allows users to download shows onto their devices, so you can watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime. You literally can “Netflix and Chill.”

The Hulu Difference

Many people say that Hulu is just like Netflix, but that’s so far from the truth! Yes, Netflix does offer a variety of TV shows and movies, but they remove shows and change their lineup frequently. Chances are, though, that your favorite series that just disappeared from Netflix is probably available on Hulu!

Starting at just $5.99 per month, Hulu offers multiple plan options and add-ons so that you can customize your binge-watching experience. One package even includes live TV… with sports channels! Hulu’s packages provide diverse options at a reasonable price, especially for those who mostly use streaming services.

I honestly believe that Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services will take over the entertainment industry in the years to come. While no streaming service is perfect, the ability to stream any type of show at any time from the comfort of your couch is absolutely priceless. Plus, these services cost a fraction of modern cable. If you haven’t given each of these streaming services a try, we highly recommend that you do. Happy streaming!

This article was witten in collaboration with Jessica Niziolek.

Feature Image by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


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