A Love Letter To Burritos This ‘National Burrito Day’

What’s cylindrical, masterfully crafted, and filled with absolutely delicious ingredients?

If you’re guessing a burrito, then you’re 100% correct!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good burrito. It also doesn’t help that there is a Chipotle across the street from my apartment. On National Burrito Day, it’s important that we celebrate the most durable and efficient meal a person could eat.

My biggest concern when I’m ordering a burrito is putting all my faith into the individual who will be creating my delicious meal. An unskillfully rolled tortilla sets the pace for the rest of your meal. Your burrito should be both full and neatly packed in. If there are some stray pieces of protein trying to escape, that’s okay; it’s natural. But if your whole tortilla explodes at the bottom, then your burrito maker has failed you. One cannot simply rewrap a burrito. That meal is essentially a dud afterwards.

The most fascinating part about burritos is the sheer volume of ingredients you can fill them with.

Have you ever been in line to build your burrito and felt overwhelmed by the options? I certainly have! It can be frustrating for the people standing in line behind you. I certainly do not condone being that person who backs up the line in your fast-casual Mexican establishment because of a bout of indecisiveness.

Furthermore, the main goal of creating your own burrito is to maximize both the taste as well as the number of items you can physically fit into the tortilla. Your fillings are a direct representation of who you are as a person, so if you like to waste your burrito space on the extras, such as corn, salsa, lettuce, and the less important basic items, that’s fine.

Remember, the limited amount of space in the circumference of the burrito quickly fills if not carefully thought out.

Are you a single or double meat person? Do you ask your burrito artist to layer your burrito with cheese or sour cream first? In all honesty, building your rolled taco is a true art form. Personally, I believe it’s wise to have it layered from least voluminous items to the most. This means either sour cream or guacamole as your base, a layer of cheese to cover that and form a protective shield for the meat and veggies. Also, remember to take into consideration whether you’re going to add in rice to your burrito!

Here is the thing about having rice in your burrito: it comes wrapped in a tortilla, which is a starch. Why do you need to add in any extra starches such as rice to fill up your stomach as well as prime real estate in your tortilla? It makes no sense but to each their own. Furthermore, your burrito should not be so heavy that you can’t physically will it down and give it a proper home inside your stomach.

A top quality burrito has balance and will leave you with no regrets.

If you choose to eat at an authentic Mexican restaurant, remember that they often serve burritos wet. Wet burritos usually come covered in a red or melted cheese sauce, and require a fork and knife. A dry burrito is from one of the above-listed places that you can physically pick up with your hands. Always make sure to read the menu or ask your server about your burrito options, because you don’t want to be surprised when it comes.

At the end of the day, your burrito is a personal choice you made to consume. It was your decision of what went into the tortilla and how you wanted to provide nourishment for your body. There is no shame in how you fill your tortilla, as long as it fills you with joy and happiness. So, on this National Burrito Day, visit your local Mexican establishment and treat yourself to the most wonderful food event known to man!

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