Why You Should Forgive Yourself For The Days You Weren’t Kind

It’s OK if you aren’t always kind. It doesn’t mean you’re evil; it simply makes you human. We’re not supposed to be perfect. All humans are pains in the ass sometimes. Humans are oftentimes mad, and we all experience pain. It’s OK if you aren’t always kind. It is OK, but it is not acceptable. It’s OK, but you can do better.

Do better. Forgive yourself for allowing anger to pollute your mind.

Be better. No longer let the bad days get the best of you.

Do better. Forgive yourself when you speak a language other than love.

Doing better will help you be better.

If you choose to do better, you’re sure to be better.

There is a fine line between being a soulless creature and a growing person. Work towards not crossing the bridge that connects anger and hate, mistakes and evil. Remind yourself that you are not an asshole by birth, but instead, an empire of growth.

Forgive yourself for the days when you were not kind.

Forgive yourself for being unkind to your friends, loved ones, and yourself. Give yourself grace, even though you made the wrong choices.

In this life, because everyone is a work in progress, frustrations are always around the corner.  Mistakes are always waiting for you to greet them. Failures are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean that you are not capable of bouncing back,  learning, and trying again.

You can channel all those painful, angry, hostile frustrations into something amazing. You can turn the biggest mistakes into the most beautiful experiences. It all starts with forgiving yourself for the days when you were unkind. Forgive yourself for the days when you carried a heavy heart. No matter how deeply you hurt someone else, you can apologize and start fresh today.

Start accepting that nobody is perfect.  

Consider that people may not be angry because of who they are, but because of circumstances life threw at them. Listen to your body. Share sympathy and sincerity with those around you. Most importantly, though, welcome forgiveness and understanding into your heart. Forgiveness is the first act of kindness you can provide yourself and the world.  

Featured Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash.


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