Goodbye Money: Marshalls Is Opening An Online Store

Marshalls just gave us a new reason to love its store! The beloved shop just announced they are opening an online store by the end of 2019!

According to Business Insider, Marshalls CEO Ernie Herrman announced the plans with investors on a conference call.

But does this mean that their physical stores will be replaced?

Luckily Herrman reassured that their online presence won’t replace its store locations, this is just a new addition.

He also said that they will prevent the website from overtaking the brick and mortar stores by giving customers two different types of experiences and offering a different variety of products in each. So basically what he means is, we have new stuff available at our fingertips to aimlessly spend our money on!

The TJX Company is the parent of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods in the US. As well as Winners, Marshalls, and Home Sense in Canada. There is no news if other stores will go online as well or if they will remain separate from this deal.

Herrman compared his plans for the Marshalls site to be similar to TJ Maxx, which went online in 2013. This store offers a different assortment in-store and online.

In an interview with Business Insider he said, “We have learned a lot from We really believe it drives incremental store traffic,” he said, adding, “it is going to encourage cross-shopping.” He also added that the online platform had helped to build customer awareness and led to more trips to stores.

This news comes as surprising since the company has been adamant to avoid online shopping in the past, but perhaps the trend is too hot right now to not jump on the bandwagon.

Additionally, a lot of companies are learning that online shopping is causing a massive decline in stores, thus causing the closure of big name companies.

Look at Sears, Toys “R” Us, E.L.F, and Charlotte Russe, for example.

Marshalls is easily one of the most affordable and popular stores to shop for anything trendy in clothing, accessories, home goods, and everything in between. It’s a staple for a lot of people who love a good treasure hunt and discovering new and handy brands and tools.

Even if you don’t have the intention to buy anything or are just going inside for curiosity, you always find something even if you weren’t looking for it specifically. It brings an odd sense of fulfillment to a lot of shoppers. Marshalls’ unique offerings and brands are enticing to people who frequently shop there. Plus their quality is so great and the products themselves are diversely on trend.

There are no specific dates in mind in terms of when the site will go live, but we’ll be on the lookout with our credit cards at the ready. This is going to be quite dangerous for die-hard consumers of the stores, but the convenience will be worth it in the end.

Photo via marshalls


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