This Is Not A Drill: Lucky Charms Beer Is Now A Thing

Do you love beer? Do you love cereal? Well look no further. A brewery in Virginia introduced a beer inspired by Lucky Charms cereal. It’s called Saturday Morning. (I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this.)

Smartmouth Brewing Company has cooked up the drink using marshmallows just like colorful, dehydrated chunks of sweetness you’d pick out of a regular Lucky Charms box. 

(Maybe they should have called it nostalgia) 

Smartmouth said it added toasted marshmallows and cereal marshmallows to the mix to create the beer’s taste. 

(Honestly still think it sounds gross. But it’s definitely worth a try… Right?) 

It’s magically ridiculous. No but for serious, that’s the drink’s tagline. It’s a play on the cereal’s tagline it’s “magically delicious.” 

The drink will be available on Saturday, March 2 at the brewery.

Join us as we flashback to those Saturday Mornings when you rolled out of bed and were lazy all morning watching your favorite cartoons and playing video or board games. We’ll celebrate those mornings with the release of Saturday Morning IPA that is made with pounds of marshmallows, some of which we toasted, along with tropical fruity Calypso hops. The result is magically ridiculous,” Smartmouth Beer said in a Facebook post.

Featured image via Smartmouth Brewing Co.


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