How Relying On The Internet Can Hurt Your Mental Health

Today, technology rules the world.

Our reliance on technology is both extremely useful and incredibly harmful. Our biggest, most important technological tool can actually ruin every part of our lives, including our physical and mental health.

What is this tool, you may ask?

The Internet.

The Worldwide Web can make us feel jealous, especially when we use it to look through social media. When we see photos of our best friend at a bar sipping cocktails while we’re chilling at home in our pajamas, getting ready for bed, we think their life is far better than ours. It doesn’t matter if we have a successful career and they’re drinking to forget a breakup – we still feel envious of their “perfect” life.

When we want to research how to live, instead of turning to a library, a bookstore, or our closest friends, we hit up the Internet for answers. The thing is, though, once you read that first Internet article, you’ll probably question everything you know. You’ll realize that you could have helped your mental health if you had chosen to go to your loved ones instead of relying on strangers for advice.

In fact, if you rely on the Internet too much, you might end up feeling absolutely terrible about yourself because you’re going about life completely wrong. You might look at the people with all the answers and wonder how they just know things without using the Internet to help them. It may make you feel inferior to them, like they’re handling life better than you ever could… even if that’s not true at all.

The Internet can be a wonderful, beneficial tool, but it can also be extremely harmful.

Most people who strive to succeed in life don’t want to rely on the Internet to help them find the answers to their most important questions.  They want to know what to do without any help or turn to the people who won’t judge them for not having all the answers.

Instead of searching the Internet for help, listen to your heart, the people who love you, and the people you trust most. They will happily help you find your way in life, reassure you that those social media photos don’t reflect reality, and may even help you avoid making some major mistakes online. The Internet is nothing like the “real world” you see when you open your eyes to the truth.  Once you stop using the Internet so often, you will feel more connected to reality.

Have fun online occasionally, but don’t let the Internet ruin you. Use the Web wisely (and in moderation), or you will have a lifetime of regrets.

Featured Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash.


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