Why 2019 Should Be The Year To Give Without Expecting Anything In Return

Before we walk further into the new year, let us step back for a second and set aside your resolutions. Set aside all of your bucket lists and let your mind be at ease. Let yourself reflect for a second and rewind your main intention for this whole new year. If you have set an intention for 2019, great. But if you haven’t decided your intention for the next 12 months, it’s totally okay. Whether you’ve found your intention or otherwise, please make sure that your main intention in this new year involves the act of giving.

Let 2019 be the year you’ll give your best to the world, no matter how unfair the world is. Give your best effort to achieve those goals. Apply for that dream job. Show up for that interview. Sign yourself up for a competition. Give yourself a chance to break your own limit and go beyond your comfort zone. Dare to quit from something that’s toxic for you. Give yourself a chance to choose and believe that you don’t deserve any less than your worth. See how far you can go and if you fail, it doesn’t matter at all because the most important thing is you’re giving yourself a chance to try.

Let this be the year you’ll focus on positivity. Learn how to regulate your own emotions and how to respond positively to other people’s rudeness. Give yourself plenty of time to discover many new things around you. Explore those roads less traveled and meet new people along the way. Join a cooking or a watercolor painting class. Find out your true interests and ask many questions. Give time for many things which add positive values for your own well-being.

Let this be the year you’ll give space for your loved ones to roam the world. Let this be the year you’ll learn the art of letting go. Give yourself a time to accept the fact that you can’t make people stay. Give them a space to wander and set them free. Always remember that those who are meant to be yours will never pass you by. This year, give your heart space for letting people go as your loved ones will always gravitate back toward you, no matter how far they wander. Give yourself a chance to believe that you can grow and stand tall with or without anyone’s presence.

Let 2019 be the year you give love to others without having any expectations. Give your time to be a good listener for the people who need to be heard. Be the person who loves more. Be the one who texts first and wants to know whether they’re doing okay. Confess your love to him or her because there is no guarantee that you’ll have tomorrow. Give yourself a chance to fall deeply and fearlessly in love. Give yourself a chance to be brave enough for feeling the pain of a broken heart, because no matter how painful it is, you’ll survive.

Be the person who cares the most, the one who doesn’t want anything but to see other people happy. Donate to those people in need. Share your knowledge to those people who want to learn from you. Write a journal and let your voice give positive impacts to the world. Let this be the year you give the best version of yourself to the world.

And most of all, let this be the year you learn to love yourself Dedicate  time for yourself to learn the true meaning of self-love. Give yourself plenty of time to forgive and accept those mistakes you did in the past. Give space for yourself to breathe and pause once in a while to appreciate yourself. Be proud of yourself that you’ve moved forward this far and survived those raging storms. Thank yourself for being so strong this whole time, because not everyone could be as strong as you are. Let this be the year you’ll give time to accept and love yourself inside and out.

At this beginning of 2019, let us set the right intention. The intention to give more than we take. To give our best effort to be better than before. To love others hard and love ourselves harder.

Photo by Khushal Sharma on Unsplash


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