Get Ready To Feel Old: Here’s What These Girls From Ellen Look Like Now

Everyone remembers the two adorable little girls named Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland who commonly appeared on The Ellen Show. They first took the internet by storm for their performances on YouTube before they flew across the pond from the UK to Ellen’s couch where she, and the rest of the world, became in love with these adorable little girls.

Sadly it’s been a while since our screens were blessed by the presence of two girls dancing in their pink tutus. And our two favorite guilty pleasures have since grown up. Sophia Grace just turned 15 this year, and her cousin Rosie is now 12. I know, when did they get so old?

But wait until you see what they look like now!

Here’s what Sophia Grace, the lead singer and overly dramatic brunette, looks like now:

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this picture makes me laugh & idk why ㋛

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And here’s what Rosie, the tiny and conservative hype woman, looks like now:

This tweet basically sums up our feelings:

When did these two little girls become young women?!

Aside from the semi-shocking transformations into early womanhood, I’m not overly shocked by what I see from the girls. Sophia Grace still seems to be wild and over the top like she was when she was a child. Let’s be honest, she always stole the show from Rosie who was the hidden talent in the group. By her poses, fashion choices and captions, she seems to be a typical teenager whose desperate for attention. Again, that hasn’t changed (We all remember her failed movie attempt right?).

Rosie on the other hand hasn’t changed. Her account is still run by her mom, as she is only 12 years old, so she’s still a typical kid. She has a lot of promotional posts, still seems somewhat shy and timid, yet embraces her fame and seems to put it to good use by promoting charitable causes. Plus her face shape literally has not changed!

All in all, the girls are still seemingly popular in the UK. They are living every kids dream by being famous worldwide, and they both have a huge social media following. I wish we could see them do an appearance on Ellen’s show in 2019, since they were such a huge part of it for many seasons!  Besides, they do owe their budding careers to the comedian afterall.

Maybe we will see the two UK girls back on the show sometime in the new year. Fingers crossed! #EllenBringBackTheTuTuGirls

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