The Real Reason Miley & Liam Getting Married Makes Us So Happy

It’s finally official: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are married!

The low-key couple chose to secretly tie the knot in their Tennessee home by surprising guests with the news that they were actually showing up to their wedding. Not many other details were revealed aside from a few pictures and videos that may give us clues as to what the celebration was like.

Even though the world truly doesn’t know the couple personally. We all can’t help but feel overjoyed for them. And I think there’s a really good reason why we feel so connected to the couple.

In Hollywood, there are always whirlwind romances with overly dramatic headlines and constant drama. However, Miley and Liam never fully had that experience, in fact, they have a relatable relationship just like the rest of us non-celebrities.

They met in 2008 on the set of the Nicholas Sparks novel turned movie, “The Last Song.” Their chemistry was obvious. It made for one of the best movies of all time in the romance category. But off-screen they were just as innocent and fun-loving as their two characters. They were young and in love while developing their careers along with themselves.

Cyrus and Hemsworth dated for a few years while just living life and expanding on themselves. They even got engaged in May 2013, but then it got to the point where they had different visions of how they wanted to live their lives. They ended up breaking up later in 2013. Reportedly because Liam didn’t approve of Miley’s party girl stage (we all remember how bad it got to watch), and Miley was left heartbroken.

Then they had a huge break-up and things seemed pretty tense. (I think we all remember this hilarious tweet from the pop star when “The Hunger Games” came out).

Yikes, I know.

This time apart allowed them to have time to grow as individuals and experience life outside of a relationship with each other. Miley was considerably young at the time with little to no “regular life” experience. After all she had so many years in the spotlight with the fame that followed Hannah Montana. She was able to have her rebellious stage, while he finished the Hunger Games.

Luckily for fans and each other, they reconnected in 2016!  The Malibu phase began for the singer where she endlessly professed her love for him, we all swooned, and their engagement was back on.

They’re so relatable to us because every young person (or most of us) have had a relationship where they fall madly in love, the timing doesn’t work out, or they just need to grow as a person first, and they are left wondering what ever happened to them. Some luckily get back together. And that’s the dream we all wish for. That one day we’ll make it back together with our “person”.

They did this and we all got to see that we aren’t the only ones who go through unfair breakups and are left heartbroken. It’s truly a fairytale relationship we can all hope for. Plus they’ve always been so happy together and relaxed in each other’s company. You can see their madly in love and we all want a kind of love like they have.

They’re a low maintenance couple, and it’s obvious that they do things for themselves.

Even their wedding was super low-key and relaxed while in the comfort and privacy of their home. They did it their way and were as relaxed as ever, just like how their relationships always been, and that makes me truly happy to see.

Also, their wedding photos are adorable, so please enjoy a few!
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10 years later …..

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So congratulations to the happy couple who got the best of both worlds. (see what I did there?) By finding love, growing who they want to be as people, reconnecting, and finally getting married! Also, if you want a cry, please watch this video to remember when they first met and how young and adorable they were.

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