Take A Minute Today To Appreciate How Much You Grew In 2018

Before 2019 comes, remind yourself that you’ve unexpectedly grown wiser this year.

Remember those moments when you thought that you wouldn’t survive, but you did. Remember those days when you felt like you don’t even want to wake up, but you conquered the day.

Also, remember those times when you lost the way and felt so confused, but eventually, you found yourself again. And remember those moments of having a painful broken heart, disappointment, and rejection, but you made it through until today.

Have a moment to appreciate your endless strength and determination to survive. Be proud of yourself as you passed those heavy storms and hurricanes, with or without anyone’s help.

Appreciate the way you could bear all the wounds and manage to heal it by time.

See the goodness in you instead of blaming yourself for not fulfilling all of your resolutions this year. Don’t focus too much on your failures and focus your attention on how you could pass the many struggles all by yourself.

Thank yourself for moving forward this far, safe and sound.

Forgive yourself for taking those wrong decisions which led you to countless lessons about life. Don’t regret the fact that you chose to stay in the place which you never feel belong. Remember that it took a while to finally find the right way to live your life and to find who you truly are.

Never hate yourself for being too scared to take a leap of faith. It’s okay to make mistakes, to fail, and to miss some opportunities in order for you to learn how it truly feels to be alive. Realize that those failures were supposed to happen for you to find your true self.

Forgive yourself for choosing the wrong person to love. Never regret the way you fell deeply in love with that guy who couldn’t understand how to love a work of art like you. Remember that losing him wasn’t your fault,  as you deserve to be loved as hard as you love other people.

Sometimes, you need to know how it truly feels to chase after someone who doesn’t deserve you just so you know how worthy you are. Never kill the flower that grows inside of you for someone who doesn’t see the way it blooms.

Next year, please be more kind to yourself.

Prioritize your own well-being above all else. Remember that you are not responsible to fix or heal someone else. Loving yourself first is not selfish, it’s mandatory. The only person who can love you completely is your own self, so don’t try to please anyone. You don’t have to be accepted by others. All you need to do is to accept yourself.

Hence, in 2019, start living your life to the fullest. Don’t settle for shitty things. If you feel like you’re not happy in the place you’re standing now, then move somewhere new. And if you hate your job, quit and find a job which feels like a hobby.

If you feel like someone is toxic for you, then leave the relationship.

Book that flight. Apply for that dream job. Break up or make up. Make life-changing decisions. Fall deeply in love with the wrong person. Feel the pain of a broken heart and learn how to attract the kind of love you deserve.

Make mistakes and repeat it until you won’t make the same mistakes over again. Go skydiving. Bungee jumping. Get lost. Say what you feel. Be honest. Be fearless. Confess that you love him or her. Never apologize for being you. Try everything which makes you feel brand new.          

In 2019, the only resolution you need to accomplish is to love yourself harder than before.

Feature Image Via Thought Catalog On Unsplash


  1. It is not selfish to put one’s own needs first; doing so is necessary. Because you are the only one who can truly love you, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to make other people happy. You are not required to gain approval from other people. You need just accept who you are in order to move on.


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