Tired Of Santa Baby? Check Out These 7 New Holiday Releases

If you are anything like me, you try to avoid starting up the holiday hits for as long as possible. “Santa Baby” makes me gag, and even though I love “Jingle Bell Rock,” it gets stale quickly. It’s always hard to find ways to remix those same Christmas songs that get covered by every vocal artist out there. Luckily, though, new content is out there if you look! One of the biggest trends in recent years has been for artists to have special holiday releases.

Don’t have time to hunt through Spotify or YouTube to find something jolly and new? That’s OK! Here’s Unwritten’s 7 selections from 2018’s holiday releases.

1. “Bring Me Love” by John Legend

If you are looking for something smooth and nostalgic sounding but not completely outdated, this is the tune for you! In true Legend fashion, “Bring Me Love” will have you melting in your seat and grinning from ear to ear as you listen.

2. “Hey Sis, It’s Christmas” by RuPaul feat. Markaholic

Leave it to Mama RuPaul to give us a way to get down drag style this Christmas season! This tune will have everyone dancing… just don’t explain it to grandma. This is probably one of my favorite holiday releases of 2018.

3. “Happy, Happy Christmas” by Ingrid Michaelson

As she starts the song, “There’s something about this time of year,” but there’s also something about Ingrid Michaelson’s voice that makes everything magical. This sweet song is a great one to play while snuggling up by the fire with a cup of cocoa.

4. “Christmas Every Day” by David Archuleta

One of the things I hate about Christmas music is all the slow, soft, sentimental songs. Thankfully, “Christmas Every Day” isn’t one of them! Even the Grinch himself probably will be dancing when this newest holiday hit from David Archuleta starts blasting through your speakers!

5. “Cheer for the Elves” by Gwen Stefani

I’ve been a diehard Gwen girl since her No Doubt days, so I am thrilled to see her crushing it this holiday season with a few new hits including this one. So happy to see Gwen taking part in holiday releases! If you missed her knockout performance on Ellen recently, you’re in luck if you check out this video now!

6. “What Would Santa Do” by The Monkees

Yes, you read that right: The Monkees made a Christmas album this year! And, if that’s not good enough, they invited Rivers Cuomo of Weezer to help write songs! “What Would Santa Do” is one of the new hits on the disk that Rivers wrote. It’s worth a listen… or an add to your playlist for the next 18 days.

7. “Jingle Bells” The Punk Rock Version, feat. William Shatner

Ok, so “Jingle Bells” is far from a new holiday song, but did you ever imagine you’d hear William Shatner singing a punk rock version? Captain Kirk teamed up with some rock legends to produce his first-ever holiday album, “Shatner Claus.” It’s not the most amazing vocals, but it is fairly hilarious nonetheless.

If these weren’t enough, there’s plenty more artists who released holiday albums this Christmas season. What are you enjoying jamming out to the most this December? Share a line with us so we can listen, too!

Also, if you want these holiday releases ready to go on Spotify, I’ve got the playlist ready for you to go!

Featured image via Winston Chen on Unsplash


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