Thank You For Being The Woman I’ve Been Waiting For

A text buzzed through my phone.  4 o’clock. 3 weeks before Christmas. The woman I loved.  

“It was nice getting to know you, but I met a guy. You have a heart of gold.”    

But I knew. I knew she didn’t love me the way I had loved her. I felt used and defeated. I worried that no one could or would ever love me.

I shed tears and held in fears that my special someone would never end up in my arms. I just wanted to disappear into the freezing winter night; not caring about the chill that shook me to my core. Depressed and miserable, I wondered if anyone would come looking for me, and frankly, I didn’t care if they did. Nothing, no one mattered but her. Without her, I was hopelessly lost; waiting for a happy ending that would never come.

But finally, after months of crying over the one who got away, I moved on.  I let go of my past love. I blocked her on everything. She’s my past now, but you’re my present and my future – the woman I’ve been waiting for.

Her words no longer matter; yours are the only ones I hope to hear. All the words you’ve written about me, the day you said that you love me too, and your beautiful birthday text helped me realize that you are the woman I’ve been waiting for.

All the therapy sessions, the frustration, and the lonely rants about how much I’ve wanted you in my arms helped me realize that you are the woman I’ve been waiting for.  

The day we finally met, it felt like I had known you forever. We spoke as if we had loved each other for years; as if we were truly meant to be. When I hugged you and kissed you for the very first time, the world fell into place, and I realized you are the woman I’ve been waiting for.

When you told me that I was the one for you, I couldn’t stop thinking about your words. Your love for me made tears of joy spring to my eyes. Knowing that you care enough to share our love with the world helped me realize that you’re the woman I’ve been waiting for. You are, and always will be, the woman I’ve been waiting for. I promise to fight for you every day of my life because you will forever hold an irreplaceable place in my heart. I promise to love you through any struggles you face because you are the only woman worthy of my heart. Thank you for being the woman I’ve been waiting for.

Originally Published with Thought Catalog

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash


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