5 Special Ways You Can Treat Your Pet This Month

Our pets bring so much love and happiness to our lives. In fact, research now shows the mental health benefits that having a pet can provide us with. Owning a pet literally has the potential to make you healthier!

However, we need to make sure we’re taking care of their health and wellbeing too, and that includes their happiness! You should know how to spoil your dog or cat any day, but here are a few special ways you can treat them this month as we get into the holiday spirit of giving.

Puppy Pamper Day

What’s better than a spa day for your cat or dog?  Why not plan a doggy or kitty pamper day for your pet?

Stick to things your pet loves. If they don’t like bath time, then a bath isn’t going to be a fun pamper day activity. Things like brushing, grooming, a pet massage, or a new toy, are all great ideas to make it easier to pamper your pets.

Make Some Special Treats

Cupcakes and cookies are great treats for humans but they’re not so great for animals—especially if they include chocolate, which is toxic for dogs. Instead, try making a pet-friendly cupcake—and it doesn’t necessarily need to be cake. A meat cake can be delicious for your pets!  Ground beef or chicken mixed with rice is a good combination or a fruit salad made up of pet-safe fruits can all make for good treats!

Explore Somewhere New

This is more of a dog treat than a cat treat unless you have a cat that really loves to explore the great outdoors. Find a new trail or a new hiking path to explore with your dog. They’ll go crazy trying to discover all the new sights and scents, and the activity is good for keeping a dog healthy.

This isn’t just good for your dog—getting out and active is good for you too. It can also help you build a strong relationship with your dog.

Schedule A Play Day – Or Just Play!

If your pet is social and likes other animals, consider scheduling a playdate where they can play with other pets. This works well for dogs and might work for cats too, depending on their temperament.

If you don’t have any friends with sociable pets, just take some time to play with your pet. Throw a ball or a frisbee for your dog or break out the laser pointer or feather toy for your cat. You can also see if your area has a local dog park!

Let Your Pet Pick

Is there anything more fun than picking out something new for yourself? Why not let your dog pick? Take them with you to a dog-friendly pet-store and let them sniff around until they find the treat that they want. If you don’t necessarily want them to go crazy on treats, gently direct them toward the toy section and let them go crazy there. They may find their new favorite toy and you get to spend some quality time with your pet.

This might work for cats too if your cat likes toys.

Treating your pet doesn’t have to mean one thing or another. It’s mostly about the bond you have with your pet, because your pets love your company. So spend some time with them — go on a snowy hike, pick out a new toy, or spend some time brushing and playing with them.

Now that you know how to spoil your dog or cat, keep building a relationship with your pet that reinforces how important they are to you.

Featured Image via Tamara Bellis on Unsplash


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