My Girlfriend Thinks She’s ‘Crazy,’ But I’m ‘Crazy’ In Love With Her

Is your girlfriend “crazy?” She might be. My girlfriend can be “crazy,” but I love her for who she is. Her “craziness” makes her perfect for me because, just like me, she is crazy in her own unique way. In this poem, I share why my girlfriend thinks she’s “crazy…” and how I’m totally crazy about her little quirks.

I have a girlfriend, and yes, she is “crazy!”

But I love her “crazy,” and I’m “crazy” about her.

She’s “crazy” to be a perfectionist,

But I know that she’ll always be perfect to me.

She’s “crazy” over the little things, like that spot on her purse no one sees,

But those little quirks make me love her even more.

She’s “crazy” to think that she has to be mentally healthy for me,

Because I’m here to help her take care of her health.

She’s “crazy” to be with me, even though we’re 3000 miles apart,

But I will travel any distance to see her.

She’s “crazy” to always tell me “good morning” and “goodnight,”

But I’m too “crazy” about her not to text her back any time of day.

She’s “crazy” not to believe me when I tell her she’s beautiful,

Because she’s always incredibly beautiful.

She’s “crazy” to be with a guy like me,

But I love how “crazy” she is about me.

She’s “crazy” in ways I haven’t discovered,

But I can’t wait to discover her “crazy” with her.

She’s my girlfriend, and yes, she is “crazy!”

But I’m always honored to love her “crazy” self.

I will always love my girlfriend because she is “crazy.” It doesn’t matter how crazy she is. It doesn’t matter how crazy she goes. It doesn’t matter how many people like or dislike her because she is crazy.

I love her because she is crazy about me, and I’m crazy about her.

Featured Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.


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