6 Apps That Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

In today’s world technology is huge and our generation has become reliant on social media. It’s about time we have a few go-to apps we simply can’t live without. With mental health awareness on the rise, there are quite a few apps that can help us tackle these issues, track our progress and give us useful tips and reminders daily for when we need it the most.

Here are six apps to help your mental health:


This app specifically helps with sleep and meditation. They have over 100 guided meditations that will help you combat anxiety, stress, relationships, help with gaining focus and improving sleep, and music to help you relax with playlists and calming stories to help you sleep too. They tackle everything you need in order to get your mental health back on track. John Mayer even uses it, so you know it has to be good.


Consider this to be your little buddy that will be by your side throughout a time of depression. Every day the app will ask you questions where you’ll respond to get a mini assessment from an electronic doctor. These will help with your appointments, if you are seeking professional help, in addition to helping you become more self aware. They also have more than 150 different exercises and videos to help you understand what is going on mentally and help strengthen your mental health.


If you find yourself super stressed out with seemingly no time to tackle your stress, this is the app you need to invest in. They have hundreds of meditation exercises and tips on how to live mindfully that have adaptable timeframes for your busy schedule. They even have an SOS function for when you need an emergency quick fix when your immediately at your worst.


Recolor is an app that doesn’t have techniques or tips to help cure your mental illness, but they do have hours worth of online coloring pages for you to emerge yourself into. It distracts you from the outside world while you do your artwork and is also proven to relax you. This online colouring book is perfect to pass the time and help relieve your mental stress.

7 Cups

This is an interactive app that helps you search for other people to talk to in a moment you need it most. It connects you to caring and compassionate counselors or an every day, average person who is available to listen. It’s all online, anonymous, and convenient for you! They also have a tracking system available for you to track your progress as well.  

Happy Not Perfect

Aside from the fact I love the title of that app, this app provides you with the perfect five minute routine you can easily include in your day. It’s a seven step checklist of what you should include in your day to day life to ensure your happiness levels increase. It’s the perfect little reminder of how to become positive, impactful and overall happy.

Whether you want to implicate daily habits and changes into your routine or just need something to distract you for a quick minute to calm your anxious mind, there are plenty of apps to help. Sure, they might all have purchases included in order to get the full fulfillment of the app, but they are worth the price! Plus, it’s a lot cheaper of a fee than therapy bills and you can do this all in the comfort of your own bed.

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