Bachelor Nation: What Your Favorite Contestants Are Up To Now

Right now, Bachelor fans are living in the worst slump on the year. We are currently in-between shows. Bachelor in Paradise finished a few weeks ago and now we are impatiently waiting to see Colton (what a freaking hottie) find love starting Jan. 1. So while you are trying to fill up your time with another show that doesn’t give you the Bachelor fix, here is something that will.

What are your favorite Bachelor contestants up to? Let’s find out:

Blake Horstmann From Becca’s Season

Blake was the runner up on Becca’s season in 2018. He is now living his best life spending time with other hotties from other seasons. Where can I sign up to attend this party? Like holy sh*t. Big thanks for letting this hottie go so the rest of us commoners have a shot.

Raven Gates & Alexis Waters from Nick’s Season

These two fan favorites are basically twins. They both recently moved to Texas to be with their boyfriends. (OMG YAY!) Raven is still dating Adam Gottschalk, whom she met on Bachelor on Paradise. And Alexis is dating a dude named Tyler. The two girls also have been working on their entrepreneurial skills. Raven has a clothing store and Alexis is selling hoop earrings. #hoopnation

Olivia Caridi from Ben’s Season

After being trashed online for being the “villian” of Ben’s season, Olivia has trumped the haters and made herself into a successful traveler, podcast host and prominent face in Bachelor nation. Oh, and she is also BFF’s with Brandi Cyrus, Miley’s sister. Can we come on your next trip with you?

Becca Tilley from Ben and Chris’ Seasons

Becca is killing it. She literally stays on her couch 85% of the time and still seems to keep herself relevant. (I WANT THIS SUPERPOWER!) In the 15% of the time she isn’t binging Grey’s Anatomy, she is working on a great podcast with her friend Tanya. It even won a People’s Choice Award.

Evan Bass from Kaitlyn’s Season

Remember the erectile disfunction guy? K, he isn’t actually as weird as ABC made him out to be. (Well, as far as we can tell from the ‘gram.) After he and Carly Wadell met on Bachelor In Paradise and married on live TV, they welcomed a baby girl a short while later. And she is LITERALLY the CUTEST baby I’ve ever seen. Don’t @ me.

Sean Lowe from Emily’s Season & former Bachelor 

Sean Lowe a.k.a America’s favorite bachelor ever. After marrying Catherine Giudici, the winner of his season, the couple has added two new members to their family. Sean is also still killing it on Twitter. Enough said.

Nikki Ferrell from Juan Pablo’s season

After Nikki was dumped by Bachelor Nation’s biggest douche bag, she continued to do what she loved: nursing. Honestly, she just seems to be enjoying her best life. And that’s literally all we ever wanted for her. YOU GO NIKKI!

There are so many Bachelor alum it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. Hopefully this list gave you a glimpse into the life of people whose love story you followed closer than your crush’s Instagram feed. Who is your favorite Bachelor alum? Comment below!

Featured image by bachelorinparadise


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