Here’s How All Of Twitter Reacted To The Bachelorette’s ‘Men Tell All’ Episode With Us

Men Tell All. It’s your favorite night of the season. It’s the time when all of the contestants from the current season of the Bachelorette get together to discuss drama. Boys get in verbal fights, broken hearts and bloopers. What more could any fan ask for?

This season Becca dealt with a lot. And Chris Harrison agreed.

“So much to get to. Where do you start with this buffet,” Chris Harrison said at the beginning of the episode.

At Becca’s expense, fans were able to enjoy a drama-filled episode and Twitter was living for it. Here are 9 reactions from Monday night’s episode that only preach the truth.

Grocery Joe is an angel. #Realtalk Anyone else want him to the next Bachelor?

We all knew who was really going to spill the tea. Jordan didn’t come to make friends… He came to dish ALL the drama. Are we really surprised?

Jordan just always has to top everyone. Cause ya know, he is the most confident person in the room… *shutters*

Well… she ain’t wrong. Am I right ladies? Or am I right?

*Falls more in love with Jason and quietly accepts that fate.*

Wills really did have nice style… Sorry Jordan, your golden underpants just don’t cut it.

Men Tell All brought up some good topics about masculinity… *cough*

No, but for reals. I wasn’t kidding, it really doesn’t.

Looks like ABC forgot to mention one kind-of important fact about a semi-important and memberable contestant.

Monday night definitely served drama, sass and jaw dropping moments. It truly was a Men Tell All episode like we had never seen before. And Twitter was there to document it. Tune in next Monday for the season finale of The Bachelorette. Comment below what your favorite part of tonight’s episode was!

Featured Image via keepup_with_the_bachelorette


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