13 Predictions About The Bachelorette’s Upcoming ‘Men Tell All’ Episode

It’s time for the failed contenders for Becca’s heart to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with one another. Each year, the Men Tell All episode is rife with fragile masculinities and clashing egos, so why should this year be any different?

With that said, let’s talk about some predictions for this year’s Men Tell All.

  1. Jordan will be the best dressed. I mean, c’mon, this is just a given.
  2. Joe the Grocer will get the most cheers when the men are introduced by Chris Harrison.
  3. All the guys will gang up on Chris. He will apologize vehemently, in hopes to come off much better on his upcoming Paradise stint. It will not matter.
  4. Connor will only button half his shirt.
  5. Lincoln will not attend after news of his sexual misconduct convictions came out in the tabloids, and this whole thing will be completely swept under the rug as it does not make the Bachelor franchise look too good.

  6. Colton will ask Becca for “closure” and talk about how broken his heart was, even though months have passed and he’s probably dating Tia again. Chris Harrison will ask him if he’s still a virgin. The answer will be yes.

  7. Someone who didn’t get a lot of screen time will try to steal the show, in the hopes of getting more Instagram followers. My bet is on Alex or Chase (if you’re asking “Who?” you’re not alone).
  8. Wills will wear a tasteful floral print on at least one item of clothing.
  9. David and Jordan will be forced to rehash their earlier drama. Things will get heated, until eventually they settle their drama once and for all.

  10. There will be a supercut of Jordan’s one-liners and it will probably be the best part of the episode.
  11. Jason will be a voice of reason amongst all the craziness and come off as a solid choice for the next Bachelor.
  12. Becca will wear something sparkly.
  13. Chris Harrison will refer to the upcoming finale as the “the most dramatic finale ever.”

Whatever happens, the Men Tell All episode will definitely be eventful. Hopefully, after all the drama is said and done, Becca will find true love. Be sure to tune in Monday night to see how accurate these predictions are! Comment below what you think will happen! 

Featured image by bacheloretteabc on Instagram.


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