I Cut My Own Hair By Watching YouTube Tutorials And Here’s What Happened

About 4 years ago when I decided I needed a new fresh look. Instead of getting my hair done at an actual hair salon, I went ahead and did it myself. I thought to myself, “Why not!? It can’t be THAT hard.” Well, I was wrong. I looked on YouTube for videos on how-to cut your own hair and how-to give yourself bangs. After watching about 5 or 6 hair tutorial videos I felt like a pro.

Running for the front door, I grabbed my car keys and headed to Publix supermarket to pick up my hair supplies. This was an experience and one I’ll NEVER forget. I was on a mission looking for the items on my list; multi-pack combs, long skinny scissors and a big clip to section of portions of my hair. I was so excited for a new look. I was ready for a makeover; My hair was starting to look fried with several split ends and I was getting very impatient and didn’t feel like waiting to make an appointment.

Pulling up my laptop to the already saved hair videos, I started the process of cutting off inches of my perfectly long hair. I have no idea what on Earth I was thinking! The best part about this was that I was working for a pretty big non-profit organization. (Sarcasm.) I had a convention to attend just 2 days later in Orlando, Florida. I had to look professional and “fit” the part…. many big name players would be in attendance.

Pieces of hair fell to the bathroom floor as I was staring at myself in the mirror. I didn’t think it looked bad at all. Heck, I thought I should go into business and open up my own salon. I was so happy and couldn’t wait to show off my new hair to family, friends and work. Sadly though, it was so uneven that it looked like I was blindfolded and just randomly cut pieces off.

When my dad walked in the door from work he kissed mom hello and called out to me, “Hello, I’m home.. Haley?” Dad turned around the corner, dropped his briefcase and looked at me then back at mom and said, “Uh…..your hair…. is everything okay……are you depressed? Do you need to talk to someone?” I assured my dad everything is okay and that I just wanted to save money and have a new hairstyle. He didn’t understand. “You do know you have to meet with lobbyist in Orlando in a few days… right? ”

I cried and said, “Dad what do I do… help! I can’t go to work like this!? Bail me out.!” Dad’s advice was to call up the hair salon I normally go to and tell them what happened and see if I can make a early morning appointment.  I just called and the girl said they are book dad… what do I do now?” “Call her back and say you had some girlfriends over and you were all looking at YouTube hair videos and having wine……you tell anyone that sober they will think you have a problem!”  He had a point.

I called the salon back and told her exactly what dad said and it worked! I got a 7:30 a.m. appointment and the salon didn’t open ’till 9 a.m.  Dad had felt bad about what had happened and said mom and I will reimburse you for your hair…but don’t do this again. Come to find out later, dad and mom thought it was still short but looked a lot better than when I cut it.

“So how much was it… to have them fix your hair….?” Dad asked. It was $80.00 plus the $16.00 I spent yesterday at Publix on hair supplies. Dad responded, “Good…. You won’t make the same mistake again. Mom and I decided it’s best you pay for this so you understand the value.”

Moral of the story: Just make the hair appointment! Don’t try and cut your hair by yourself!

Photo by Jamakassi from Unsplash. 


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